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Hello everyone,


I have a DA-10 using optical from my MacPro. It sounds good but a bit dark and I would also like a little more energy in my DAC. All of that may sound like I want a colored/coloured DAC - maybe so...



BUT... if the W4S has the same timbre and tone as the DA-10 that would be fine.


My biggest concern is if I am losing sound quality because I am using optical. This whole USB asynchronous capability sounds (no pun intended) really cool and forward looking.


Please provide any thoughts you have- I'm really looking for opinions. 


Also, I don't think I need the DAC-2. Other than the remote and volume control, the sound quality looks like it'll be the same. I will only use this DAC for music listening through an amplifier. My current amp is a Schiit Lyr.