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Sennheiser HD 600 vs 650 vs 700 ?

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Hi I have a pair of HD600 s ... what is the difference in terms of sound signature between these 3 cans?


I am finding that the midbass upwards of the HD600 is just about perfect for my liking perhaps except for that some powerful female voices are a little piercing. I am finding that 120Hz and below on the HD600 is very weak and lacking for my liking ...


I'm thinking of getting the HD650 - is it that much better than the HD600? ... and the reviews of the HD700 are mixed - not to mention $$$ more to pay!

Any thoughts?


(my nearest audition store is 4 hrs by plane in another country)

(i listen to FLAC via Fiio E17 - everything pop from bon jovi to christina perri to evanescence to keane)

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(someone suggested ultrasone pro 900 for skull crunching bass but that would be at the expence of perfect detail of the senns above wouldn't it?)

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IMO, HD650 sounds very different than HD600... For my preference HD650 is my choice, n after use pure silver cable with it... I hv got wat i wants...

But my another friend nvr liked the HD650 but stick to his hd600 till now... They are almost no par in terms of SQ just different sound signature... But if u like the hd600 sound i would suggest u stick with it...

Din try the 700 before so cant comment on it...
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I'll try to give u some insight coming from the 650 to HD700 to me the 650 are a bit to laid back and warm, plus I wasn't happy with the bass I thought it was a bit muddy all over the place however I think it has a lot to do with what you listen and amp from my experience.

I Listen to mostly rock music and I don't mind the sharper treble I get from the 700 it's is more detailed and the seperations of instrument is what I enjoy about the 700.
Take a listen if you can the difference in cost is substaintual though.
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650 has muddy bass :( ??

what about bass on 700?

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The HD650 is far more similar to the HD600 than to the HD700, as its price and shape might suggest. I believe the common consensus is that the HD650 is touch darker than the HD600. I don't know as much about their older brother though.

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Yes muddy its not as tight nor as accurate and detailed as the HD700 again every ear is different.

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Originally Posted by joker97 View Post

650 has muddy bass frown.gif ??
what about bass on 700?
don't know what these people are talking about, but I'm guessing they mean in comparison to the HD 700's... If they mean muddy in general, then they must be very unaccustomed to a pair of bassy cans. Calling HD 650's muddy is like calling a desert a wet, tropical paradise. Makes zero sense.
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