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We're proud to announce the excellent range of headphone amps by JDS Labs from Illinois, USA is now available in Australia.

JDS Labs began in 2007 as a way to put a name behind the cMoyBB headphone amplifier. Although John Seaber, President and Electrical Engineer, only expected to sell a few amplifiers on eBay while finishing his BSEE at Missouri S&T, JDS Labs quickly grew beyond his intentions. Inferior clones of the cMoyBB eventually appeared on eBay, which only drove JDS Labs's reputation higher.

Since its debut in July 2007, over 5000 cMoyBBs have been sold to or built by audio enthusiasts in more than 60 countries. The cMoyBB is praised as the best-sounding cMoy not by JDS Labs, but by their customers, fellow DIY'ers, and reviewers.




The cMoyBB v2.03 is the latest iteration of the enormously popular Bass Boost cMoy, available from JDS Labs and now at Noisy Motel in Australia. Built upon design principles and features normally found in more advanced amplifiers, the cMoyBB has been so heavily improved that it is steps away from no longer qualifying as a cMoy.


Another product being talked about extensively in headphone circles, is the Objective2 (O2), an open source amplifier designed by NwAvGuy, with emphasis on benchmark performance and low cost.  If you're not of the DIY type, JDS Labs have created a finished O2 product, including a custom enclosure especially for the O2.




View the complete range of JDS Labs Headphone Amplifiers available now at Noisy Motel.





And in keeping with our tradition, we're also first to bring the digiZoid ZO down under!


The digiZoid ZO2.3 unleashes the hidden performance in your headphones or speakers, and delivers subwoofer sound without the need for a speaker.


Finally, the powerful entertainment experience you've dreamed of is not only within reach, but fits in the palm of your hand. Meet the digiZoid ZO2 personal subwoofer – a new audio accessory that unleashes the hidden potential in all your audio equipment. Simply connect it between your MP3 player, smartphone, PC or gaming system and your headphones, earphones or speaker system to discover a whole new dimension of enjoyment in your music, movies, videos, and games.


ZO's Sound Signature

ZO2 is the first product to combine the rich authenticity of analog with the sophistication and convenience of digital in a pocket-sized device. More than just a bass enhancer, it transforms the lifeless music and sound we've come to expect from today's portable devices into amazingly high performance systems.

ZO's unique sound signature originates from our patent-pending SmartVektor technology and features:


  • Analog signal shaping for true sound – not digitally-processed effects or synthesized signals designed to fool the ear
  • Unparalleled bass reproduction with 5X more energy at sub-low frequencies, surpassing ordinary bass boost, EQ, or other sound enhancements, for bass you will not only hear... but feel
  • Low-frequency range extension for speaker performance akin to a real subwoofer
  • Sonic detail with enhanced clarity, articulation and spatial representation
  • Built-in high quality amplification for increased volume output
  • Sound Signature Tuning (SST) with 32 selectable profiles to find the perfect synergy between your ear, gear, and media

Sound Signature Tuning Profiles

With the 32 built-in Sound Signature Tuning (SST) profiles, you can perfectly tweak ZO's sound signature to match your unique system and style. The LightBar display colorfully expresses the selected SST profile, from mellow sounding green, to high-impact amber, and up to the blow-your-mind bass at the red end of the spectrum.





A category of its own

Call it what you will... a personal subwoofer, portable headphone amp, equalizer, audio enhancer, or hi-fi hub. The ZO2 isn't just one thing for one person, it's many things for everyone. But however you choose to define it, ZO will bring sound to life, in every aspect of your life.



ZO is smaller than a credit card, and its compact form fits snugly in your fingers. Every function is easily accessed through a single thumbwheel switch. The memory feature recalls all the last settings you used, you so can pick up listening where you left off.


Available now: digiZoid ZO2.3 Personal Subwoofer and Headphone Amplifier