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Optical turntable

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I didn't know such a beast existed. Too bad it's so expensive though.
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Doesn't this completely defeat the purpose of having vinyl?
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No chych - it just makes SACD look less good to someone who already has tons of LPs. SWEET MACHINE!
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I can't seem to log onto that site but I remember a company announcing a "LP turntable" which read the groves with a laser, quite a few years ago at the CES.

They didn't have a working model at the time and I never heard of them again.

Is this what they're talking about?
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mbriant: I think this is it. Try the site again, it's a cool article.
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I still believe that digital is a more accurate and reliable storage medium than the analog LP.
For my tastes, this is putting more than a dent in the credibility of Ralph Glasgal's review. Besides, this turntable has a distinct "resistance is futile"-look, and if Star Trek has told us one thing, it is this: Stay clear of the Borg! This doesn't apply to Seven of Nine, of course.
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Mmmmmmmmmm. Seven of Nine.

McBiff: Yes, that's the one. The Finial Turntable. I don't remember exactly how much they were asking for it over a decade ago, but do remember it was something obscene like $50,000 or $100,000.

It appears they finally got it happening. I'd love to hear one, but don't plan on spending the $500 they're asking for a demo.

It does seem to compromise the idea of non-digital, "vinyl sound" many are still in love with, but then again, it wouldn't be bound to CD standards and could possibly break the laser's signal into considerably more bits and bytes, possibly smoothing out any edginess claimed inherent in CD sound.

If anyone ever gets to hear one, I'd love to know about it.
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Here are two posts from the Vinyl section at Audio Asylum that provide some further information. One actually describes an audition and the table's fully analog working principle. It just seems a laser is not too well suited to read a record:


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That's slightly off topic, but I remember an article on Slashdot several months ago: They presented a new software to scan lps - the drawback is that you need a large scanner with at least 2000 dpi (optical!). And I think it would better be a fast scanner and a fast computer with a large hard drive for that amount of data... Nice idea, though it's digital...

Greetings from Munich!

Manfred / lini
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