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Monster Inspiration. Anyone Had a Chance to Try a Pair?

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I realize that the combination of me being a Newbie here, and bringing up Monster Cable will be enough to anger some people here, so if that's you who's upset; Sorry.


Anyways, I'm wondering if anyone has tried these new Monster Inspiration Headphones.

The reason I ask about these is that a certain reviewer (Not Monster themselves) said that they were going for the Audiophile market.

They sure look snazzy, but has anyone had any first-hand experience with a pair?


(Also note I'd accidentally created two of the same thread. If I am cluttering the forum I am very sorry, that's not my intention).








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Check out hifiguy428 on both youtube and this forum. I believe he has an unboxing vid on youtube and if you pm him he may be able to give insight.
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My bad. Its hifiguy528

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Thanks for the reply, but I'd actually already checked those videos out. I'm looking for more of a review than an unboxing/first look.

Still, thanks for the reply.


Any more feedback/suggestions is more than welcome.

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Feedback from an Inspiration ANC owner I had questioned,


Q: How do you rate the ANC capability? Any audible hiss when it is activated?

A; The hiss is minor. There is leakage when the device volume is turned up really high.


Q: Do they accentuate the bass and treble to a Lesser extent than the Beats Studio/Pro? And the mids are thus more prominent?

A: Negative. They're pretty balanced but if I'd have to be particular I'd say the bass is a slight bit more prevalent on a flat EQ setting, but not by much. They're pretty balanced.

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Inspiration ANC is supposedly the flagship of the new Monster lineup, and I'm also interested in getting either this or the PSB M4U 2. Not interested in getting a Bose QC15 after auditioning them.

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Is it true there's ANC and Passive Isolation versions of the Inspiration?

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I actually picked these up (the 'Active Noise-Cancelling' version), and they sound quite good.

Right out of the box the bass was really overwhelming, but after using them a bit, the bass died down. For me at least, that was for the better.

With the noise cancelling turned off, they sound good, but not worth the $300. With the noise cancelling turned on, the volume and clarity gets a boost and justifies the $300 price tag.

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Yes. Passive is $250, and Active Noise Cancelling is $300.

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I found the passive version very underwhelming with a really cramped soundstage, frankly I thought it was about £100 overpriced. It's possible the version I was trying was broken or something.

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I think there are great for being active noise cancelling. More notably, the Inspiration is the rare active noise canceling product which also sounds plenty good when the noise canceling is switched off, either because the battery is dead or because external noises need to be heard. That makes Inspiration perhaps the first active noise canceling headphones which don’t represent a compromise when it comes to using them in either mode. When considering active noise cancelling headphones that don't compromise sound quality then this is it !!!

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