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Well, OP is going to connect the speakers to an Apple TV and PS3--limited EQ possible there, yes? 

(I have a PS3 and don't recall many EQ presets to choose from)


Also, he likes the A2. When I auditioned them, the A2 and A5 sounded inoffensive and not wildly different in terms of sound signature; there's a good chance that OP will like the sound out of the A5+.


Lastly--and I acknowledge this is anecdotal--but I've had many friends who are amateur musicians come over, and they enjoy the sound of the A5 very much. I'm not claiming any of them to be audiophiles, but then again, maybe not all of us here are, anyway. We're on this forum to discuss gear. What I know about the piece of kit that is the A5+ is that it's the successor to the A5, which is proven to fill a small/medium living room with sufficient volume, no distortion (of the crackle/hiss variety), and that the A5+ is universally agreed upon to sound better than the A5. And it's a simple setup.