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New DENON "Music Maniac" & "Urban Raver" Lines: D7100, D600, D400 & C300 Impressions Thread - Page 106

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My Denon C300's are driving me crazy. I've let them collect dust for a long time and today I saw them and thought.. sure, why not.


Then I instantly remembered why I abandoned them. The fit is horrible. And thats an understatement. Also, they're not as comfortable as they used to be for some reason, and to my surprise, they sound worse. WTF has actually gone wrong here. I used to like these. Now they sound veiled and muffled. 


I just checked and the Amazon prices for these are $217.They've gone up HUGELY. I got mine new for $70 shipped. My advice to anyone eyeing these: Don't - unless you're 100% sure they'll fit right and your source has an output impedance of less than 1ohm, because these hiss like crazy. 

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So I have been playing around with modding my d600 now that I got a measurement setup to better quantify what is being affected. I am trying to tighten up the bass without losing the nice impact these have from the factory. The bass hangs around too long and can feel bloated. This makes the d600 really fun with some genres/tracks like edm and hip-hop but with some rock and country the bass takes over. This is where I am at right now...

First I tested a LOT of different tweaks to find out what variables have a noticeable affect on the sound.

Areas I messed with to get my current result:

-three holes in the cup, directly behind the driver

Stock the d600 has 3 holes that vent into a small chamber behind the cup. 2 of these are covered with filter paper and the third is left open from the factory. I tested many different combinations of # of holes open and filter material. Opening up the holes causes bass to become more bloated and increases the dip around 200-400Hz

In the version measured above I left the top 2 holes covered and used bluetack to secure a small piece of black foam(soft porous not creatology) over the bottom hole.

-dampening material inside the cup

There is a dark colored foam material on the back of the cup from the factory. The dampening material inside the cup did not change the FR measurements much, I used it to reduce reveb inside the cup. Polyfil had positive effects on reducing this further but I left it out because it is a pain in the ... to get placed properly. The polyfil has no effect unless you put a lot in the cup. In the d600 the cup is a sealed chamber(for the most part), the polyfil will cause leaks if it is not pushed in the cup as you shut it. Once I finish all other mods to these I will probably go back and put some in the cups.

In the version measured above I used bluetack to secure small strips of orange felt along the outer edge of the cup.

-placing material under pad

I used poly-foam backer rod wrapped in a soft cotton material to stiffen the pads. Once the pads are on the d600 I tucked the material all the way in the bottom of the pads in the groove under the bulk of the pad. This pushed the pads up and added enough tension to tighten the leather. This helps reduce the bass bloat, but it also causes the treble to become somewhat sharp. 


I am still playing with the mods to get the sound right where I want it. I am going to be trying to even out the treble peaks and lower it by a few db now. 

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Originally Posted by Katun View Post


It fits me MUCH better when worn backwards. You have to put the headband just a bit more forward (feels like the middle of my head to me)


With it on normal, I have to put the headband much further back on my head, and it feels like it's falling off the back. Hard to get a good seal this way.

I bought a new set of D7100s a couple of weeks ago. I haven't heard the D7000s, but I do like the 7100s, and am surprised at how open they sound.


Comfort-wise they are a little strange. The big plush ear pads are nice, but the cups are just angled wrong, or don't have enough range of motion to sit nicely on my scull. I can feel that they place more pressure behind my ears than in front. If I put them on backwards they feel much better though. Because of the angled pad this means that the drivers are pointed away from my ears though. I might try swapping the pads around and wearing them backwards to see what that does to the comfort.


Sorry to reply to such an old post, but I'm surprised that more people don't have the same problem with the D600/D7100. Looking around on the web there are pictures of people wearing the D600 and D7100 backwards, so it seems like other people are also either confused by them or find them more comfortable backwards.





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Never had any problems with the comfort I must say, their pivoting cups are about the most comfortable system I've found. But that can be different for everyone, I find the HD800 uncomfortable due to the huge size of the cups for example.


That said I'm thinking of selling my D7100, as shiny as new and with some extra earpads, headbands and a cable. Boxes and all included.

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Everybody's head is different I suppose. It isn't a big problem with the D7100s, but they could be better, and just a little strange that they feel better backwards. What extra kind of extra earpads do you have for yours? Denons, or third party?



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Original Denons.
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this thread just randomly popped up for me and I use to own a d600 so I figured I'd stop in and see what was going on in here. Any mods bring being done to relieve the boring and veiling treble?
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