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New DENON "Music Maniac" & "Urban Raver" Lines: D7100, D600, D400 & C300 Impressions Thread - Page 89

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I bought my Denon AH-D7100 about a week ago. And love the sound. They do need some burn-in time to settle down. I am now at about 70 hrs and they are awesome. They dont make me miss my speakers. They sound great from my iPad Mini with the provided iPod/iPhone remote wire. The stand that comes with these headphones is great £100 in value easily. I am really impressed at the packaging they would make a great impression as gift for someone. The Soundstage on these closed headphones is unbelievable, they sound like open headphones. The detail and clarity is all there as you would expect from a quality product.  

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worth it.

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worth it.

Go for it.

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i have a tiny head and i find the clamp to be significant, but not too much.  for example ath m50s = head crushers, m audio q40's = vice grips, d2000 = loosely perfect,

d600 = tighter, perfect -1


i think you may have gotten a worked over, stretched out DEMO pair experience.  think about all the riff-raff messing with them.  were they in good shape?


when i go to best buy it looks like they might be shooting an episode of the walking dead there.

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oh, thanks, i already have them - i was telling the other folks

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Since the D600s are down to $323 on Amazon, I decided to demo them at Best Buy today. I absolutely loved the sound, but hated the comfort. While the ear cups were soft and spacious, there was very little clamp on my average-sized head, causing all the weight to be supported by headband. Since the headband is also poorly shaped and way too narrow, the weight isn't distributed properly and leaves a painful pressure point at the top of my head. I spent a good amount of time trying to get the perfect fit, but nothing worked.

Beware, average-sized heads, D600 will be just nicely fit on your head at tightest adjustment. I don't have any sensation of pain or discomfort wearing them though. Just that I cant find them comfortable enough due to their big size.


If they are down to $299 on amazon, I will say go for it. Thinking about it, I paid the initial retail price of $499 for it. To think D2000 is going near $500 on amazon, D600 is worth a shot at current price. I prefer D600 (particularly when driven by Asgard) to D2000. Your opinion may vary though. They are very different phones and offer different sound sigs.

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Yeah we definitely need to stop comparing these to the old line.  It helps a lot in appreciating them.  It's not the same headphone and I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing.  I like my D600s.


I just wish they continued the old line along side the new line.

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I just bought the D600 at amazon, I paid 280 for them. I think it was a good deal, I'd never pay 500 for these. 

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I just bought the D600 at amazon, I paid 280 for them. I think it was a good deal, I'd never pay 500 for these. 


That's a great price for the D600.

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Ermm... guys... you DO know that you can get them from Crutchfield Outlet at $270 (open box which it's really almost new!)




Also, since it's crutchfield, you get excellent service, free shipping and... oh... ohhh... I think that there are codes/coupons online for first time customers that will probably work for a $20 bucks off... 



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I've read all the thread, and I don't understand all the bashing to the new Denon line. I mean, I really love the classic look of the Dxxx line but I don't think the new headphones look like Beats, not even the materials used are similar. I think that the new design might be targeted to a younger crowd though; but that's all. I find the D600 a very good looking headphone smile.gif


Also I was looking at this image of the D7000:








The driver is advertised as "Freed edge" and "Micro fiber diaphragm" almost the same as the Free edge "Nano" fiber driver of the D600/7100 (below)






They look identical! I'm not completely sure of course, but I'd say that Foster/Fostex is still providing Denon with their free edge drivers, and the design of the headphones was in charge of an american team (as someone suggested in other thread)... maybe? 

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I finally got to try a pair for a while. They didn't leave too much of an impression on me. The bass wasn't nearly as offensive as I thought it would be, but the treble was kind of peaky and the mids were really, really dry sounding. But...they aren't that bad. I like them more than from what I remember about the D2000. I'd pay about $250 for them.

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Well, I head down to the store to audition the D600 and D7100 with some other cans a week or two ago. Well, these are my findings. The D600 for some reason sounds boxed-in, anybody share the same experience? For the D7100, the boxed-iness is gone and the bass got heavier and compared to warm cans like the hd650,  i may say they are dry but I prefer saying cool (opp. of warm). The bass is great, the sense of openness is kinda remarkable for a closed can but I was turned off by the coolness, I like warm cans. However, I would def. giv the d7.1k another shot along with the D600.

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Just got them for $239 and cannot believe how good these sound out of the box. Driven by my iPhone 5, no amp, they are the best sounding phones I maybe have heard. They are a steal at what I paid, and do it all. Comfort and bass in droves, my two top criteria.

Now to amp them and start burn in.

I find it hard to believe anyone not liking these, but we all hear differently. I hated the Mad Dogs as much as I like these so I get it I guess.
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yeah they are a good buy at that price.  You did well.

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