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does anyone have long-time experiences with that cable? I'm thinking about getting one for my shures. The original wire lasted about two years. How do the Oyaide work out?




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Thread necro. This is the only place on the internet with more than once HPC-SE owner so, give me a break!


Guys, would you recommend this cable? Especially as a Shure IEM owner.. but other opinions welcome also!


1. Have you experienced any sound cutting out due to loose MMCX connection?


2. Is the MMCX fit snug or does it spin freely?


3. Does it have a good lock or do they come off easily from MMCX?


4. Does the cable stay straight or does it kink easily


5. Is the cable heavy?


6. Which is better, the version with the Oyade straight mini plug or the 45 degree moulded?


Planning on using it with SE846. I tried expensive custom cables (7n OCC, pure silver, silver plated OCC) and I hate their ergonomics. My favorite cable so far was ADL iHP-35m.



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