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Newbie IEM suggestion?

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I'm looking to purchase a pair of IEM's, would like a recommendation. I bought a pair of Sennhesier CX500 a few years ago and didn't use them much; I didn't realize they were IEM's, what IEM's were, and that the CX500 sounded so much better than any headset or earbuds I'd had before. Of course, they stopped working recently and my attempt to fix the cable has failed miserably, so now I'm looking for new IEM's.


I listen to Trance, and game. I am no audiophile, complete newbie to these terms and descriptions I keep hearing about IEM's. I would be open to purchasing an amp for my computer, though I use my phone (Blackberry Bold 9900) when listening to music outside of my home. My budget is around $120, though I would be willing to spend up to $200.


At the moment I'm looking at Shure SE215's for $99 at a local computer store; does anyone have alternative suggestions?

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Hi, welcome...

Start by looking in here at IEM's in your price range.

Take special note of Yamaha EPH-100, Vsonic GRO7 and Triple-fi 10 (TF10 won't be in that thread ^) though all of those will fit your genres well. These are IEM's in your price range that stay on top of the boards here. (popular) Take your time, have good a read, it can be overwhelming at first. Hopefully in that time some others can chime in on their thoughts.

Any questions, ask away.
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A Great entry level IEM purchase would be the Etymotic HF5.

Go to their www and check them out.

Welcome to the forum, and Good luck.

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My first IEM was RE0, still listen to it occasionally. 

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