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Sennheiser HD 439......... Do I need an amp?

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I'm still fairly nooby to high end audio so I could do with some help. I'm in the market for a full size set of headphones and these (title) appear to be getting fairly good reviews here. My two sources are the Sony NWZ-X1060 and the Hisoundaudio Rocoo-P. Do I require an amp to get the best out of the HD439's on these devices? I'm also considering the Grado SR-80i as an alternative. To give you an idea of my preferred sound I own the Hisoundaudio POPO and the Beyer DTX-101 IEM's , my preference being for the Beyer's as the the POPO's are far too bass heavy. My favourite genre is Rock.

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Any help ?

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maaan you need help ... of course THE KING OF HEADPHONE IS HERE atsmile.gif


see bro ,, first by arabic i say ((دفرني واطيح)) i mean nice look bad sound !!


i do order for this headphone before one week ,, only 1 day then i sell it mad.gif


the problem ,. if you want bass for rap music,, there is no bass and power is low

i hav creative its only by 20$ and the power mor then HD439 mad.gif


BUT whats is good in HD439,, its very Comfortable nice & nice & nice

and its Lightweight so you can use it for loOoOoOong time with clear sound ,, but hd449 mor clear


this photo for my hd439 ,, before i Sent him to the hell evil_smiley.gif



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To the OP... what kind of sound signature do you prefer? Cold, warm, bright, or dark?

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I tend towards a warm, dark signature but not in the extreme sense. Since becoming more serious about SQ I have tended to move away from bass over emphasis but still prefer an overall warmth to the sound. I don't want to suppress treble/highs too much either but I do tire of an overly bright signature very easily. Thanks for responding. 


PS Love the avatar btw, TED is my hero!!!!!!!!

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if you can stretch your budget a bit, try the shure srh840s. but if you want the hd439's (and an amp), a fiio e6/e5 will be sufficient. :)

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