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Grados RS1i show a need for treble to rock out, V-MODA M-80s are for the go and to get my bass fix. The classic wood of the Grado and the modern style of the M-80, bass vs treble/mids. My headphones say I like both extremes.

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My headphones the Rockit sound R-50 basically say that I love a discreet IEM and a neutral and detailed sound. The rubber cover of the housing could be used to describe the smooth sound with great detail but not harsh. My headphones also show that I care about audio quality unlike my peers at college, they show I am always striving to find the best sounding headphone for my taste.
My favorite headphones I have tried are the Shure SE425 which sound so very natural and realistic.

Thank you for the chance to win the 4.Ai as I have had my eye on Heir audio since you started, but have never had the funds to get any, and the 4,A was the model I was most interested in
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I have my customs in transparent black, so really conservative and classic look. Nothing to drag too much attention.

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Never really had another pair of iem to complement the other genres i have in my music library...


currently using UM Merlin, won from the UM Merlin Giveaway contest~


I hope i can win again~!

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denon d2000... fairly affordable for a wide array of music... the more music the better =]

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 My headphones say I am in touch with the sane voices in the Universe!  They channel the meaning that is music through the purpose that is my mind.  My headphones make me one with myself.

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"Tell us what your headphones say about you:"


Do you remember buying each headphone that you have ever owned and how much time went into that decision? Of course you do. Choosing the perfect headphone is not so simple, it is a delicate and meticulous process which you have to make the perfect decision or end up facing the ramifications that follow with your choice. How many countless hours of research have you done? How many hours of testing have you done? Too many to count...


Enough with the intro... 

Your headphones symbolically represent the essence of your individuality. Looking at one's headphone, one can get a glimpse of their soul. I know it may sound cliche or just far fetched but consider this. Each headphone has a different characteristics--whether it may be bass heavy, bright, analytical, warm, and so on. From knowing the characteristics of that headphones you can guess what kind of music one listens to. Most of the time, the music you listen to is heavily influenced by your background and or culture. I listen to hip-hop because I grew up with hip-hop (not the trash you here on the radio...) I'm talking about that old school jazzy hip-hop where it makes you want to freestyle to it. This is why I got my LA2000's. I also believe that the way your headphones look show off another part of your individuality. I love wood. I think wood makes everything more expensive. It is true. Think about this, all luxury things have wood on them or in them. Think about luxury cars, for example: BMW and Mercedez. The way your headphones look can tell a lot about your personality in my opinion. Lets say you own Beats by Dre. You just want to assimilate into society (no offence, just my opinion). Looks have so much to do with your headphones because if you don't think its aesthetically pleasing, you just simply won't buy it. I specifically wanted bass heavy headphones but I also wanted them to look luxurious. I want to be able to show them off to everyone and make them think they are just so classy. I want to be able to live the lavish life, but I'm just a poor college kid trying to graduate. Implementing my desires for luxurious things into my hobbies are probably the next best thing to driving a Porsche. 


Enough of my rambling I feel like you won't ready any of this crap. If you don't read anything read this!!!

The bottom line is: Your headphones represent you. They are apart of you, your ideals, your personality, and your interests. If you are passionate about your music as much as I am, then you will know that these headphones aren't just things that emit sound, but something greater. They are something special to you and only you because you have made so many memories with each and every headphone that you have owned. 


Sorry for my essay lol BUT PICK ME! tongue.gif









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My work buddies all think I'm crazy for running with my Sennheiser hd25-1ii headphones. Until they try them. Then they wanna hear what the lcd2 and hd800 have to offer.
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Also, my headphones say I want the Heir 4.Ai’s from Heir Audio so bad that they're getting really jealous.  (If I may add this 'side-note' to my answer)

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Tell us what your headphones say about you:

"Dieser Kerl wirklich mag diese langweilige nordamerikanischen Musik ... Wie kann man sie nennen das "Jazz" Musik?! Ich gehe zurück nach Deutschland und halten mit alten klassischen Wagner!"



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I have a pair of JVC HAFX35 and a pair of Sony MDR-V6 with a pair of Grado SR-125is bought and sold so far. This says I've set a cap on how much I will spend without being able to hear it firsthand. Living where I do, other options are actually not an option. If I can hear something better out of this predetermined range that impresses me, I would gladly open my budget and move up in the headphone world. The 4.Ai could very easily be this doorway to another realm of sound quality the likes I've never seen. My cheap nature, that of a person that does not want to succumb to the law of diminishing returns too badly, a person that wants to be sure they feel they are getting their money's worth out of a product, could truly benefit from receiving a quality product for the greatest value possible, thus justifying such purchases in the future and driving this acoustic hobby further so that I am not limited to only hearing what I have available locally and actually moving to what I dream of hearing one day.

Now the less fancy version. I'm cheap, but I'd spend more if I felt like it was worth it. Make me feel like it's worth it by naming me the winner tongue.gif

Finally being 18 has to be good for something I actually want doesn't it rolleyes.gif
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Originally Posted by Brooko View Post

Well according to your rules that you linked to in your original post - it clearly states US only:







If this isn't the case - I'd suggest you change the rules page, as a lot of us non-US head-fiers would like to have the opportunity.






As far as I know this is open to the world, and if Head Fi created this rule I certainly not aware of this...


Thanks for pointing this out as I will inquire about this.




Dr. John Moulton

Here at Noble, we craft some of the finest universal and custom in-ear monitors available today. 

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Lately I use my Spiral Ear SE5 most of the time. My headphones/CIEM says that I care about how good I can listen to my band playing on stage and also about my own performance. It also says that I commute a lot and I need a superb sounding headphone and superb isolation that CIEM can provide.


I'm very very curious how Heir IEM can compete with their own CIEM! They do look really really good. I'm drooling just to try one.






EDIT: added pic of the SE5.

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My earphones say that I demand the very best but without the hassles of custom fitting. Custom fitting is a cycle I have been through and fear with my life. The 4.Ai's may allow me to have the best of both worlds.

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Well, I suppose my GR07s represent a microcosm of my life as a whole. They are a step along my constant path of improvement; seeking perfection knowing that it can never be achieved. My S4s weren't cutting it for me and I needed an upgrade, so I took a chance on a pair of headphones I've never heard from a company I've never heard from based on a single recommendation. I decided to trust ClieOS and pulled the trigger. They were everything I hoped they would be and more, but I know I'll one day seek to improve upon even them. 

Even the GR07 sound reflects who I am as a person. I'm not perfect, I have my rough spots, but there are a lot of things I do very well, and I have equally as many good qualities. I also grow and improve with time. I acknowledge my mistakes and face them head on, learning and growing from them in the process. 

Probably more than anything, though, they speak to my love of music. How I have no qualms about throwing down a pretty sizable chunk of cash for a pair of headphones just to make it all a little clearer, a little more life-like, and a little bit more enjoyable. The sum is truly greater than the sum of the parts, however, because the end experience is unlike anything I could have had with lesser headphones. I'm immersed wholly in the music, and the music finds its way into my very soul and becomes a part of me that I will carry for the rest of my life.

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My gear is the Aurisonics ASG-1.2, which does reflect who I am: fun and solid. Just like ASG's fun sound signature, I am a playful person, enjoying various types of video games and sports. The solid crystalline look of the ASG, combined with its thick sonic presentation also reflect the toughness and perseverance in me. Other than that, I chose ASG-1.2 because of my music preference towards lush mids and impactful bass. As a fan of pop-rock, RnB and Hiphop, such sound signature is a must. 


The ASG-1.2 is the first milestone in my venture to the audiophile world. It helps me to learn the characters and differences a pair of IEMs can make through different presentations and price ranges. Aurisonics can be considered as the new kid on the block, but I took the plunge anyway and I can't be happier with my decision. Risks does not always pay off, but if you never try, you will never know. 


Heir 4.Ai will be a great next milestone in my journey, moving from a fun sound signature to neutral as my first reference IEM to learn how music actually sounds like. As a student, I do not have that much money to grab those flagship reference and I couldn't be more grateful for this opportunity.

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