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My headphones (Sennheiser HD 598) say that I enjoy entertainment.  They state that I like something that is multifunctional, as they allow me to do so with the ability to listen to music as well as games and movies.  I enjoy a good deals, as these are considered mid-range yet able to produce great sounds.


My Able Planet SI500's also states the same that I like good deals and multifunctional devices.  It is able to produce good music while allowing me to also use it as a headset with the MIC and volume controls. 

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My headphones say that even though I can't necessarily afford the best, the most expensive equipment around, I still have the passion for sound that comes from loving music. That I don't think you can appreciate the best if you haven't tried the standard. The stepping stone will let me appreciate more expensive things when I can afford them.

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For me, my headphones display my growing appreciation for music. About four years ago, I can genuinely say that I did not listen to music. That all changed when my older sister gave me her old (pink) iPod mini. After gradually using it more and more, I realized that I do indeed love music. The one thing that irked me were the low quality white earbuds that came with my sister's present. They were extremely uncomfortable and sounded, well, terrible. Listening to music through the earbuds would be doing a disservice to the artists who so lovingly crafted such great tunes; I felt that if I was going to listen to music, I ought to listen to it the way it was meant to be heard and not some poor imitation created by bad headphones. I have since then gone through a variety of IEMs, from the ubiquitous Sennheiser CX-500s to my current Hifiman RE262s. To me, the Hifimans seem to be the perfect balance between musicality and detail. It has a laid-back sound signature that strongly resembles my own personality. I am a very relaxed person who tends to let life pass me by however it pleases. The large soundstage of the Hifimans lets the music envelop me in a similar way: I can sit back, close my eyes, and soak in the sound. Listening to music a very personal activity for me and headphones allow me to have some private time for myself free of distraction.


Above all however, I think that my headphones reveal my obsession for quality. Headphones are easily the most important part of a great setup. I will never understand how so many people walk around with the white iPod earbuds wedged into their ears. I suppose that they are perfectly content with what they have; I was not. Even now, I am still not perfectly content and have not finished my journey for the perfect headphones. Sometimes I wish that I had never entered the audiophile world as it would save my poor wallet, but there's no going back. All my doubts go away when I actually use my headphones. Almost every time I listen to a song, I hear things I have never noticed before. That sense of discovery is extremely rewarding and keeps me going on this journey. I have never listened to an IEM with multiple armatures before although I've heard (haha) that they sound amazing. I would sure love to have a taste. smily_headphones1.gif


Thanks for reading!

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That I ROCK!

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I own a few pairs of headphones. My most expensive being my Shure SRH750DJ's. I think they say that I have a refined style, prefer comfort, and enjoy music reproduced with quality and clarity.

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First of all...  great contest, thanks for offering up a pair of beautiful IEMs for us.


So, what do my headphones say about me?


     In a general sense, a nice set of headphones say that I appreciate the finer things in life...  A not so nice pair of headphones say either that I am broke or that I don't really care all that much about sound.  I rock a couple of different pairs depending on the application, nothin' too flashy, or expensive.  Understated is more my style.  The headphones that I choose are all about sound and build quality.  I don't mind spending a little more to get something that will last, and do it's job very well.  Though I haven't ponied up the cash for anything really spectacular yet, my family take up most of my "spare" cash these days.

Not sure what that says, but that's the way I am about most things.


Cheers   L3000.gif


edit:  I posted this without reading any other responses.  Just now, though, I read a few responses and was surprised at how many other folks feel the same.

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I like music!

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In my country my headphones (V-Moda LP) tell that I can have both SQ and style unlike your Beats.
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My Westone 1s, my first IEM purchase worth while, they say that this dude likes it balanced, controlled and collected and shoot dang comfort is a must have. This is the gentler side of me that likes to run trails to Jimi Hendrix, do boring yard work rocking to Led Zeppelin and the Chili Peppers, and fall asleep/wake up listening to a playlist. In essence the 1s tell me that a headphone needs to have multiple uses for multiple occasions and I am a guy that looks for versatility and IEMs that actually fit!!!


My M80s tell me that I am a sucker for great case lol and super durable portable gear, not only that but great mids complemented by bass. These bad boys make me feel like a million bucks and really made me learn great things get greater with time. When I wear my M80s it shows my respect for all the R&D and that I like a headphone that looks good and sounds even better biggrin.gif


And finally to show I am a closet basshead the XB700 and XB500. Value, value and more value, no where will you find gobbs of bass for as cheap as the Sonys MSRP. The XB500 got me hooked and then they were sold in order to make room for my XB700s that I ordered, it shows that when I am impressed by a headphone Ill probably by other headphones in the same line, and I like bass and lots of it! basshead.gif But it shows that if a headphone is totally ridiculous it will stay an at home only headphone. 


So I think my headphones show of all things my practicality, if I can dig it and it doesn't dig into my wallet too badly ill go for itbeerchug.gif


If only I were to own a pair of Heir Audio IEMs, that would show I'm one bad mofo haha wink.gif

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my headphones say that i care about music enough to want to hear it reproduced very well.  smily_headphones1.gif

the size of my collection says that i've been hanging around head-fi for a   l o n g   time. wink.gif

having a set of those gorgeous Heir Audio 4.Ais iems would say that beauty is, quite literally, in the ear of the beholder! ksc75smile.gif

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Headphone really say the different in taste of music listener for, other people possibly can't understand.

It's unique, it's cool and it's happiness

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Alrighty I will enter.



What my headphones say about me?


I like aggression and elegance? I love to try different things and have adventurous tastes.

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Audez'e LCD-2s.

Big, bold, with lots of boom; but I never forget a touch of class.

Thanks for the opportunity, Heir.

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My headphones tell the world that I reject the poor quality of current consumer sound, with all its compression, and loss of dynamic range.


My headphones don't do the bloated bass "boom-boom" thing, but rather present the music as close to the original recording as possible.

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(lol omfg I actually mailed my submission into the address!)
Here is my submission:

The speaker of my mind. I'm a thinker, one of a kind.
Sound waves through all mankind, sound waves traverse our mind.
My headphones speak to me, and fill me with song, the sounds fill in the blanks where I can't feel and that inner field where I often don't exist, i've got headphones that say "i'll be right back" -
because I am nowhere to be found, what's now here is sound - these headphones are not mine.
These headphones are mind.
With them on, i'm found, i'm sound, i'm here, and I hear.
I am what I hear.
Headphones help me connect to myself as sound.
And thus my sound mind.
My headphones are me and I listen closely to the inner truth, when only the best comes through.
I am sound and the headphones are proof.


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