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Currently, I have the Ultimate Ears Triple.fi 10's. What my headphones say about me is that I am an enthusiast. I love listening to the highs, the lows, and everything in between, and it's my headphones that enable me to experience it all. 


I suppose I should address the annoyances some people have with the Triple.Fi 10's - sure they're huge and stick out and look a bit silly... but quality comes before all else for me. (except maybe the restrictions my wallet has placed on me)


I also have some Ultimate Ears UE 700 headphones. These are small pills of audio bliss, that I use for my workouts. I guess that says a lot about my active lifestyle, but even more about me as a listener. No matter where I climb, what I lift, or how far I run, my music goes with me. I even bought a pair of Pyle PWPE10 Marine Sport headphones so my music can come along with me during my aquatic adventures, whether it's just a swim in the pool, a dip in the lake, or some sailing. I like to take my music with me. It's a part of me, as much as the air I breathe. 

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I currently use a Magnum v.4 (full mod) built from a Silver Grado 325 shell.


My headphones says that I don't mind looking like a Space Alien when I'm out pushing my daughter in her stroller! 

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My headphones say I'm too poor to afford nice headphones, but I take care of them the same I would high-end gear.

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I have Alessandro MS-1s and Audio Technica ES7s and they say that I enjoy a variety of good quality music while looking good at the same time.

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My headphones are Panasonic RP-HC500s. I dropped $220 on these cans back in 2008 and they are still going strong. I felt the need to do lots of research before spending that much on audio, and I haven't regretted it for a moment. My musical tastes are extremely diverse. I am a classical pianist currently pursuing an undergraduate degree, but my library ranges from Gregorian chant to Canadian indie bands to ultra filthy dubstep to Simon and Garfunkel to Childish Gambino to progressive metal and beyond. What I like about my phones is that they do a great job of keeping me honest- if I don't like the music, I know that it's not the fault of my equipment. The RP-HC500s also have an active noise canceling feature, which has preserved my sanity on trains, buses, planes, and even at home. The soundstage lifts nicely with the noise canceling switched on, and clarity increases. 


So what do my headphones say about me? They say practical, down-to-earth, and devoted. Why? They are pretty unattractive, bulky, and not the most comfortable for extended listening, pushing in on my skull a bit too much. But for my $220 they have served for five years as inspiring, uplifting, motivating, and life-affirming messengers of my personal calling: Music. 


Now, they are fading, yellowing, and the ANC feature is deteriorating. That's why I am entering this contest: I want to continue my mission with an outstanding IEM that  specializes in my utmost passion of classical music thanks to its neutral sound signature, and will last me. Head-Fi has been a goldmine of hifi audio information to me for three years, hundreds of reviews at my fingertips for free, and I would be honored to receive a pair from Heir Audio. Thank you all.




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This is what my headphones say about me....




I like a neutral sound signature and as a mastering and audio restoration engineer, the most treasured equipment I use is neutral sounding.


This tells me that I am at the center point of many cross-roads. This allows me to interfere or keep everything the same. When audio is endangered, when the music is in jeopardy, or dynamic range boarders on being irrelevant....

whenever and wherever audio is to be heard by me...that's when neutrality becomes the center of the universe for me and that's where I want my headphones to take me...where I need them to take me. 


I'm LFF - a neutral kind of guy.

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I don't really like mentally defining ones personality by what electronics they use.

My headphones say I enjoy listening to music frequently. Now, the music itself I could go on and on about, but that is not the subject of the contest.
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My headphones say that I like to hear natural, unchanged melodies as they were made to be heard, as the artist intended it to be enjoyed. the natural sound of vocals and instuments matters to me as I aspire to hear music at its purist form, I search for true sound and I care for the heart of music which is the passion,talent and quality that my headphones allow me to hear. I don't care for the looks or stutus of today but the purity of old and the passion and way of life that is music.
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These look great. Unfortunately I don't live in the US...

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ha... will try it...


My headphones would say about me: Hey..., use us more..., use us more... we will help you enjoy the music to fresh up your life...

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What my headphones say about me is that hearing the music right is very important to me. I just ordered a used pair of Sennheiser 555 for almost $100, even though I don't have much money. When I heard those headphones, I knew I had to buy them sooner or later and it might as well be sooner since a good deal was available now.

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Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro and UE Triple Fi 10. I also use Polk RTI A5, and Paradigm Atom on the speaker front.  I believe enjoyment is tempered by value, and my headphones/speakers express that while allowing numerous tweaks to improve their performance. My current audio quality is greater than the vast majority of the music consuming populace, while sparing my wallet for investments and savings that will hopefully allow much greater audio enjoyment in the future.

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Is it still just for US-citizens?

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The solid design and indiviuality of Heir Audio sets them apart from many other manufacturers. As someone who appreciates attributes such as these, Heir Audio would be one of my firest choices in a Custom Iem.

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I mainly use my Hifiman HE-500. They seem to unite two seemingly different elements, musicality and analytic presentation. My headphones say that I am trying to attain balance between logic and emotion. I'm not the unemotional support that my family and friends seem to think I am, but I'm also not governed by my passions. I try to use these conflicting elements to find a purpose that transcends social expectations and primal fears. 

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