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My headphones & IEMs say that I'm a very choosy person, and am always striving for the best possible sound. Therefore I don't collect hundreds of pieces of gear for that sake alone, I only keep a revolving set of several items which best reproduce the music I love listening to. It's always an upgrade path for me I suppose.


My current favorites are:


FitEar To Go! 334, Vsonic GR07, and for full-size Fostex T50RP RP2 modded. 

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IEM or Headphones to me is an expression of our commitment to feeding our addiction to media.  By putting in or on a pair means I am saying, "I want to take my hearing out of my surroundings, and into a realm of the few who know how to entertain me."  This era of personal media has piggybacked on the idea that we can now connect with anything or anyone with just an output source.  Whether it is a standard or custom headset, as you place your pair on and press the play button of the source you cut your ties to reality.  By selecting my pair, I effectively choose how media is expressed to me.  Will I drop twelve or hundreds of dollars on a pair?  I do not care, as long as I enjoy the experience of the sound quality. My thoughts will not meander on the effort it takes to achieve this goal or care about how it looks.  I prefer it that way.

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I own Grados 225i/Beyerdynamics DT1350s.


My headphones say i'm a choosy person, I like my sound signature bright, and complex. I'm chaotic and all over, but on the outside i'm chill and calm. I wouldn't choose any other headphones, soon to be added to the family is Westones4 and i'm wondering what would hold for me, I've had iems before i loved them but hated them cause cord strain.



me with dt-1350s

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My headphones say I spend way too much money on headphones, have a broken Shure 530, and need a new pair of these.



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I guess if I were to sum up my headphones and myself, it would be Intimacy. 


As with my other hobbies of guitar, photography and drawing, I like to be involved with what I'm doing. Especially with music, I like to fully indulge into it and be swept away. Essentially living in the moment and feeling everything out :D 


How can people live without music is something I'll never understand!


Thanks for the chance :) 

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I think my headphones say I have a discerning ear and that I care about quality music reproduction as well as the craftsmanship utilized in making these products.

My wife on the other hand would say my headphones declare I'm silly for spending so much money and time on something that's not shoes.

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Hey, one more to 5,000! Cheers. ^^

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Originally Posted by cn11 View Post

Hey, one more to 5,000! Cheers. ^^


Only took me 10 years!


Looks like you've got a year to catch up. :)

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I found head-fi in sophomore year of high school (now graduated from college) and my time here has been a journey from a humble pair of ms-1s to my current hd650 setup. I've scrapped by on a student budget and have found many good deals here, so my headphone experience has been about getting the best sound quality for the dollar.

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Hopefully my headphones say with as much musicality and faithfulness to my music as possible and dig deep into little details to keep that fire and passion burning deep inside me !! The world would be such a boring place without music, and today's tech allows us to carry around some pretty amazing gear.

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I've got the sm3's, se535's and the 16's.


The 16's say I'm unique with my own design ;)

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Originally Posted by FullCircle View Post

Full Contest Rules: http://www.head-fi.org/a/heir-audio-s-be-the-heir-to-the-throne-contest-official-rules


Disclaimer: The rules are set forth by Head-Fi. Heir Audio appreciates all members of the Head-Fi community.


English is not my mother of tongue... QUESTION: Does this mean that this contest now valid for any head-fiers across the world? Or, still only US and Canada residents that would be eligible?

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My headphones say that I'm an audiophile. JH16.

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My nearly 10 year old headphones say I'm loyal, dedicated, and maybe a little bit frugal!

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My headphones say I have a fever, and the only cure for that fever is more headphones!

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