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What do my headphones say about me? Well, design comes second to quality in my opinion, but with that said design in itself can be a work of art to be respected and appreciated in its own right.

1. Good design can say that you pay attention to the details. Not just in your audio quality but in everything. It can say that your a person who likes things done right.

2. It can signify that you enjoy the expression of art in all its forms. As i've said design itself can be an art, the sound reproduction and music is as well.

3. It can also determine if your headphones look cheep or not. I know we don't buy gear for a status symbol but looking like it cost a lot never hurts either haha.

But looking at the design you guys have for these shown its very very impressive. The wood grain and tone are beautiful and the craftsmanship looks simply impressive. This is a truly great example of something that is simply a product but because of the thought put into the design and the work required to build these I can also consider this a great piece of art. Now I just need to get my hands on a pair of these so I can see if the sound they produce is also an exquisite piece of art. So if I win a pair of these I'll be sure to let everyone know if thats the case! smily_headphones1.gif
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What your headphones say about you?

They tell all who see that I am in another world consuming the music without the knowledge of what may be going on in the real world.  So, don't expect me to react to others even if faced with real impending danger.  Expect me to suddenly start humming the repeating line in the score.  A wave of the hand probably is a result of my secret Orchestra Conductor fetish.  In all, realize that I am enjoying my intimate experience with my music.   In other words, don't distract me until the score is completed.  Happy listening.  Ron J. Wilson 

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"What do your headphones say about you?"


Hmm.... let us begin


Koss PortaPro well others say "That kid walking around campus has some goofy looking headphones. He's probably a hipster or something." but I feel they say I know how to appreciate a classic.


ER6i say I know how shut out the world and enjoy the world of music.


UE TripleFi.10 -- say I pay attention to Amazon on Black Friday and know how to pull the trigger quickly on a fantastic deal.


Audio-Technica ATH-M50 -- say if these are on I really don't want to be disturbed.


As a whole my headphones say that I am a college kid who doesn't mind strange looks because I don't have Beats by Dre, and that I want to get the most bang for my buck because college isn't cheap. They also say that I am just waiting to make the next jump up in the world headphones, but I am just waiting for a time where I won't have to apologize as profusely to my wallet.

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My headphones say that I care about my listening experience.

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What your headphones say about you?


Looking at what others have already written, I knew I will not get my chance to win this.

But I still wanted to thank for this great opportunity and let you know my headphones don't say anything.




I tried asking my headphones about me but they never reply back.

My 69 years old mother gave me a pitiful look when I was having a fun conversation with my phones.


Thank you Heir Audio.

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Using AKG K-701 and Sennheiser IE80


Metalhead gone basshead while my hearing is getting closer and closer to being completely dead :)



OT: I'm trading the K-701s for something similar but with a bit more bass since the K-701s sounds kind of flat when listening to edm...

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My headphones say I like music. Klipsch silver earbuds for running or while I'm on break on oceanic flights. Grada sr60 for hotel room listening. Allessandros 1 for playing guitar through a Marshall Class 5 and not waking the family. Sennheiser 650's for listening at home when the big rig would wake the family.
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My headphones, AT ESW9's, say a myriad things and they say them beautifully. They say that I don't mind warmth in my music having not been born in the icy north. The sublime aid they give to female vocals leaves me a foot above the ground in the vocal presence of such as Sarah Brightman. They deliver bass sweetly with good manners without muddy bass that sieges, storming and stomping on the best and most delicate songs.  They however do not shy from the deliverance of magic through precise renditions of Isaac Sterns violin.


Completing their task so faithfully they cannot fail to impress externally either with luxurious browns and polished cherry wood cups. They deliver internally a private world of music bliss and they shine out the facts: music and polished wood go together, grow together and share infinite similarities.  The phones say that music speaks to me as nothing else on earth ever will, providing a haven and entrance to a lost world.


As with my headphones these Heir creations appear to recognise the beauty in a relationship of fine music, wooden enclosures and artistry and artisanal pride rare to find in modern times amongst the Beats moulded plastic abominations...

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Apologies if this has been mentioned earlier... but is there an upgrade path from this to the custom version?  


I've been thinking about the 4.a's as perhaps my first custom but I'd really like to try it out as a universal first to see if it works for me.  If the upgrade price is the typical $70 reshell + cost of impressions it seems like a no-brainer.

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Music to me is meditation. It takes me high up when I'm low down. Its a part of me that envelops me.
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Just starting out Shure SRH440.... So much to learn and so much to appreciate for good music 

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Your headphones tell a lot about your priorities.


Do you have the most expensive equipment available? That certainly says that you have a lot of money to spend, but doesn't necessarily mean that sound quality is of greatest importance.


Do you have mid-grade gear with a lot of tweaks, not all of which are necessarily pretty? You're probably determined to get the most out of your gear within a target budget.


Do you have a lot of different kinds of gear? You probably like to find the best match for different situations. Or possibly you're a hoarder. Probably both.


Preferred gear also says a lot about listening style, and sometimes musical preference. Some gear is better suited to different genres. If you're listening with Etymotics or AKG, you're probably not listening to bad recordings or much rock music. Nor are you likely listening to a lot fo classical with bass-heavy cans.


As for what my gear says about me? I like metal and rock, and I like bass. I use my Denon AH-D2000 for all-around listening, as well as some degree of audio editing. I use Future Sonics Atrio IEMs at the gym for the bass thump and less-fatiguing highs. I use cheap no-name, on-ear phones for when I need to hear noises around me and sound quality isn't of utmost importance (though they surprisingly don't suck). In the end, I think it says that I search for the best bang for the buck within reason, and try to use the proper tools for the listening situation.


What would it say about me if I won the 4.Ai? That I was a lucky S.o.B. :)


Either way, I'm very curious to hear these. Who knows, perhaps they'd be better suited for audio editing and/or analytical listening on the go than anything that I currently use.

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tell us what your headphones say about you


I love music and I will always be. I wasn't an audiophile and I am not, yet. My headphones show me how beautiful a music could be if you enjoy it using the right "one". What my headphones say about me is that I need to be a person who enjoy music to the fullest, explore it, and discover it. All pointed to one of my favorite slogans : "No music no life" 



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My headphones say that I like it dark, with a pronounced low-end, good depth, and measurements that show great rounded curves and not too much flatness.

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I only own the Sen Ie8 New to listening experience, what they say about me, that im very curios to find the sweet spot in music. 

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