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“What your headphones say about you?”



My 2 favorite IEM's are the Rockit Sound R-50 and the TF10.  I think what they say about me is that I like great SQ for a great price.  I have others that cost more but they don't sound any better than those 2.  They say I like a balanced sound with good clarity along with a good soundstage and I think that's what the 4.Ai is about as well.

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My ie 80's show that i am new to high end portable audio, and want to experience everything there is in the hobby!

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My Creative Aurvana Live hopefully tells people that I care about how my music sounds even though I am on a budget. That i don't care how I look with full sized phones around people.
My newly recabled AKG k518 tells people that I'm handy and like the colour orange a lot.
And lastly my recabled Sennheiser cx400 tells people that I need new IEM's because the left driver has blown biggrin.gif
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I have a pair of Shure SE215 IEMs.  Since I'm currently getting my bachelor's in recording arts I need quality headphones for mixing however as a student money is always tight.  What my headphones say about me is that despite having a tight budget I care about the quality of headphones I use for my work whether it's for a class project or a client.

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I recently purchased some Superlux HD 668 b's,they are very precise phones for the price.I would like to enter the contest for the ear monitors.you can send info to bpatterson7811@yahoo.com

Thank's Brian Patterson.

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Originally Posted by bkwasny View Post

Our highest priority is the community and ensuring that you are all satisfied with your experience on HeadFi.
Unfortunately, our promotions are currently limited to the U.S. and Canada with the exception of Quebec, due to the exorbitant expense we would have to incur in complying with laws and regulations that are specific to every country and respective territory or state. At the same time we do not want to ostracize anyone from being able to participate in the promotions offered on the site.
We have done extensive analysis to determine which countries have the highest concentration of members so we can actively pursue the option to open up promotions to members in those locations. 
We apologize for any miscommunication and want to ensure our members that we are actively pursuing all avenues to increase the user experience on the site. 


Eligibility: The Heir Audio’s  “Be the Heir to the Throne Contest” Promotion (the “Promotion”) is open to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States, aged eighteen (18) or older as of the date of entry, who have an active e-mail account and Internet access.


Sorry to bring this up again, could you please clarify if the contest is indeed open to Canadians with the exception of Quebec or if it is US only?

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Wow!  I would love a set of those!  I have a few sets of IEMs and here is what they say about me:


Shure e4c - these say that I really need to improve my soldering skills as I have already replaced the 3.5mm jack 3 times because of my poor soldering job.


MEElectronics SP51 - these say that I really wish the CC51's were better quality because the SP51's were the alternative for having my CC51's replaced for the fourth time.


Ultimate Ears 350vi - these say that I have a great Logitech rep that was nice enough to bring me a set of these to try out.


So, clearly a set of these Heir Audio's would trump everything I have and would make a music lover very happy!

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I own the FischerAudio's fa-011. That says I like good sound but don't want to spend too much money. It also says that I spend a lot of time reading head-fi fora and reviews, otherwise I would have never heard of the company. I bought them a couple of months ago based on the reviews here at head-fi. It is my first "serious" set of headphones and I absolutely love them.


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I'm as unique as the music I listen to and the equipment I use to listen with.  I appreciate perfection and accept no less from the recording, source, and playback equipment.

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My SM3 V2 and XM6 say that I've got a pocketful of music, sweet music.


I am a sensible music lover who cares about the details that make the whole.






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Well, I got some Beats for you. 

Not the good beats either.

But maybe I'm just Talking big ****?

It's personal taste

But hey I'm not gonna discriminate He's my boy. 

You like what you like and i like what I like

And even though I like what you dont like 

And you don't like what i like

Who's me to tell you what the best is

When best is an infinite subjective matter

pointless circlejerk when all I gotta say is

Stop talkin n just listen to the music!


But Yeah..


They sounded pretty good at Best Buy.

Ha! But I won't lie!

that's not where I got em.

You see, I got a story to tell, you see i got 99 girl(s) [problems]

But music ain't one. Ha yeah because girls = money

And money is the square root of evil so girls are...

**** THAT ****


Music on my mind, its all that matters to make a long story short

i work my ass off to be a model 

working out my 2 main cores: righteousness and honesty 

But here comes a succubus whos the Enemy?

Breaks through my walls and tries to suck my d 

To bring my wallet down and steal all my ****

but me, i couldnt even see i was blind with love


losing my mind with all the lies 

but what kept me sane was not the love of lust

but lusting for the LOVE of MUSIC (on my modded 555's cool.gif)



I try to Be the Best but hey no money can Buy the Best

The treasures that lay before me only I can see

just listen to our leaders and follow the rule(hint: its shimmering)

And ye shall have eternal life on a sparkling sea 

Not the Perrier but maybe the fairies can bring you to the next...


rhyme thats sublime check it:


im not a rapper or a freestyler or a flow(er)

I mean I like Daisys and Dandelions too

But idk how to spell or do any of that

Flowers? wtf? I heard they grow from my poo. 


So sorry for the tangent 

But thats what she did


warping my perception of time and space

i thought i must have taken a drug that was laced

Obfuscating the very nature of her geometry 

no tangent to donald glover sorry! what ?

yea RADIOHEAD OK COMPUTER  001011 2+2 =5

LOL she thought i could not see thru the angles 

of her deceit and mis-mis-miss congeniality

even Pythagoras would be impressed 


Now lets get to the realness...



Let's start from headphone #1

ksc75 they were a lovely first but they broke

then got some ms1s which  were excellent

but i gave them to my brotha #1 cause i want to share the love

got some hd555s which were ideal but got stolen in vegas

got some d2000s but they werent for me so sold em

as well as pk3s but the right side went out

decided to go the portable only route and got 2nd hand ie7

which were great but then the right side went out as well

senn wont repair for free since its 2nd hand


all i got are the beats solo :| now

but hey i cant complain at least i got music

i have a gift that millions (literally millions of people) dont have the luxury of yet WE (YES YOU AND ME)

bitch about not having the newest $500-1000 DAC WHICH COULD ******* FEED

millions by giving them the seeds, or clean water, or education that we so take for granted!




I guess I got the Midas touch 


Im broke as **** and everything I touch turns into ****! :(

Sorry for the bitching, and the complaining

But hey thats life. C'est la vie



tldr; broke up with ex gf  a little while ago. she stole my soul and was a crazy bitch and had to switch to verizon to ATT. I got the One X and they had a special deal for Beats for signing up so i got em cuz i got no other headphones. figure I could sell them but I need something play piano with(something i love more than anything in the world) as it has no speakers...and man they sound so bad compared to the senns :( they are terribly bassy :( its good for some genres though i suppose. 




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sorry for the language...dont mean to offend anyone. just expressing myself( first time ive ever written a rhyme but i guess thats what breaks up...) 

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i got pair of grado sr80i.... she said " here is the detailed sound of music u love, she wispered softly, and shout clearly..... truly my earmate"

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Those IEMs are gorgeous. What my headphones say about me is that i like a neutral sound and i love a good sounding setup :) 

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Music has been a very important part of my life for the last ten or so years. While my genres of choice are far from the norm -Trance and Progressive- the music I enjoy moves me the same as a fine Orchestral piece. Music is, to me, the ultimate stress buster. And having the ability to partake in my music with a fine set of headphones (or IEMs) connects me to my music even more. So naturally I question the bounds of personal music enjoyment.


Just a year-and-a-half ago, I was utterly hopeless. I knew not the existence of this site nor any other brands outside of Beats, Bose, Sony, Skullcandy, and Sennheiser. In fact, I was just a drive to Best Buy short of owning a pair of Bose. I was a cliche waiting to happen. But just for jokes and giggles I opened up Firefox and typed in "Best headphones for Trance." The first results were of a funny sounding site called head-fi.org. I clicked on a link and was transferred to a page with a funky logo in the top left corner, icons of "featured sponsors" to the right, and in between neatly presented posts from members, all of whom had bizarre user names. Needless to say, it was unlike any other site I had been on.


Over the following hours and even days, I indulged in copious amounts of information, inflating my "audio lingo" as I went, and in the end had a list of products from companies I never knew existed. I eventually settled on Denon D2000s, especially after discovering people's real opinions on Bose blink.gif    


I decided to incorporate the above synopsis, because without discovering Head-Fi, I wouldn't own the headphones I do now.          


So, "Tell us what your headphones say about you."


My woodied and recabled D2000s say that no matter how seemingly content I should be with stock headphones, I couldn't deny myself the opportunity of enjoying the finer details of the music (and not to mention bringing those mids into focus). So I took to the forums, researched, and discovered just how imperfect my beloved Denons really were.    


My now sold but missed LCD-2s are a testament to just how far I've come and how I now appreciate quality sound and other types of music all together. From nearly falling prey to the mass marketing of big name brands, I worked my way up to owning a pair of one of the best headphones ever made. Headphones from one of the smallest brands you'll likely find. And let me tell you, those Audeze's single handedly changed my perspective of music.   


My ATH CKS-90s say that I enjoy a balanced signature, with not only mind boggling bass, but also nicely present mids and highs, all on the go. In other words, I am spoiled and must have hi-fi sound all the time tongue.gif

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