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My current headphones are hd 650 and vmoda m80. They described my split personalities. One is looking for style following the trend want to be in every big events everywhere while the other just want to slow down, enjoy the flow of life with a cup of tea. 

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My only pair of headphone says that I'm pretty poorfrown.gif

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The beautiful wooden shells of W5000s and W3000ANV portrays my sophistication from the outside, and their smoothness in sound portrays my carefulness from the inside. (Sounds like writing a CV..)

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my headphones different very much in terms of sound signature, showing that i keep an open mind about music and what different music should sound like, I listen to a very large variety of music, and that I like a change of scenery every now and then! =)


Music is only as good as one's perception of it afterall. Why not change the same music up with different types of headphones =D

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"What your headphones say about you"


Were they not inanimate objects, my headphones (VSonic GR07s) would say:


"Thank God he cleans his ears on a regular basis."


...and perhaps that I prefer a balanced sound with clarity, a as-wide-as-possible soundstage, and no emphasis in any frequency. For me, this is what makes the experience of feeling like you're hearing a favorite recording for the first time again possible. 



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What Do Your Headphones say about you?


I love and cherish my Koss PortaPro's and They love me!

Some hate the looks, but the Retro looks really show my individualistic lifestyle

But the Sound they give off is a different story, When my Portapro's Speak to me they may speak to me in languages of Drum And Bass, Dubstep, Rock, and Daft Punk. But any way kind of Language(music) they speak with; always speaks in a Clear precise sound thats smooth to my ears and non-fatiguing like a gentle mother's sweet soothing lullaby.

Some people dont see it too much, but when i wear my Portapro's with pride; It means im making a Statement. a Porta Pro Statement







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They show that I am getting closer to my dreams of finding the perfect headphones.

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What does my IEMs say about me? 


Well, my JVC HA-FXT90 say that I try new things, but stay within the limits. It also says that I have lots of energy, rain nor' shine, but as long as there's not too much of both. It also says that I don't mind small spaces, but as long as it's clean.

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What does my Shure SE-535 say about me


1. They show incredible clarity even out of poorly recorded low bit files, just like how i try and make the best out of everything 'insignificant'/overlooked.


2. They are lush sounding and offer a thick presentation, very similar to how i get 'thick' and obsessive about anything that comes my way in life.


3. Sometimes they go overboard and 'hiss', just like me giving a shot at this contest, though i broke the first rule of not residing anywhere in the US.




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my ATH Pro700MK2 and Final Audio Adagio III both say that i'm a bass lover but with a taste for good things if you know what i mean wink.gif

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My Audio Technica Ad2000 let people know that I'm ready for living life in the fast lane.

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The Sennheiser HD 25-13 II.

It says brrgrr is one to roll with the punches; takes what he gets and continues moving forward. Additionally it says brrgrr is laid back and unimposing in character. It also says brrgrr has an attention to detail and is prideful of tradition. Finally It says brrgrr has an undiscriminating appreciation for functionality.





P.S. The Sennheiser HD 25-13 II suggests that brrgrr may be an audiophile.

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What do my headphones say about me? Fidelity is no longer restricted to the home, my music is just as pristine sounding in my room as it is in the wilderness. The chains that have held music lovers down have been severed, and we are free.

Currently sporting the Hifiman RE262.

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Dba-02 Mk II






What do my iems say about me?


They say that i endeavor to achieve great sound, while often the best is unaffordable.

That i like my music with a unique ring of clarity but also appreciate the certain components of sound that, to most others in the world, bring great joy.

They say that i prefer to enjoy every aspect of life, taking interest in even my daily commutes, as any free time left to me will inevitably be left to my ears.

That I am often alone at many points throughout the day, lonely even;

and that, without a doubt, i require a solution to my longing for the comfort of music, accessible at a moment's notice.


My iems say that I need perfection as far as perfection is attainable by me.

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My headphones say that I demand neutrality in a headphone while favoring mid range over everything else

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