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My favorite IEM, the Vsonic GR07 exemplifies who I am as a person. Visually, it's unassuming, but classy. It's sound signature has no alliances with either extreme, and it chooses the path of the middle road. It's what I'd call exquisitely balanced. It's an IEM that I could listen to for hours on end with 100s of different genres of music, and it would never skip a beat due to its versatility. If the 4.A carries this same quality, then I would be honored to own it.



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wow they look awesome! my headphones grados and ie8s tell those who know of brands other than monster/beats that i care about what i shove in my ears!

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My headphones say that I enjoy my music more than the average person.

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my headphones say that I enjoy the music just as much as the equipment

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I think my K701's say that I wanted the best I could without being too sophisticated, just your average college student wanting more than the average headphone. As for my FX700's, i wanted the best IEM's possible without all the isolation..literally, that's what I was looking for biggrin.gif

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I'm not sure what my headphones say about me, because I have yet to find my perfect headphone. Hopefully, I win this contest and my search will be over.

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What my headphones say about me:

Neutral, honest but not brutally, easy-going, slightly laid back (according to the sound signatures of my headphones)

creative (3 sets of my headphones are DIY modified)


My headphones: LCD-2, DT880/600 closed mod, Westone ES3X, Sony MDR-F1, CAL mod, V-moda V80, Ksc75, Sleek SA6 recabled

My CAL's modified with single entry/detachable cable, a detachable Sansa Clip integrated to the headband and MarkL damping:


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My headphones say that I'm one who not only listens to music, but one who fully appreciates the finest of the auditory arts.

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Wow, what a fantastic opportunity this is, thank you Heir Audio! Your headphone selection can actually say a great deal about you, for me, while asthetics are important, ultimately it is how engaging and musical the headphones are that most matters. My Beyerdyanmic DT 880 were selected because I value their tilt toward neutrality and speed of response. I like the clean design and lines. I selected the HD 650 as my other headphone because I wanted a headphone with a tad of warmth for when the music was a little bright to begin with. Style wise, I really like the look of the 650s. Depending on the individual, certainly in my case, the headphones you select can say how careful you are to match your cans with your musical preferences. To spend many hours researching and discussing with others the various signatures in headphones is evidence that you care about how your music is presented, and ultimately your choices reflect just that (available budget taken into consideration of course).


I have long wanted to invest in some quality IEM, and based on what I have read the Heir Audio line is quite respected so I can only hope to be so lucky as to win this contest! As a percussionist I am also a believer in the tonal impact of wood on sound and as such I would expect these IEMs to have that special sound signature that only wood can deliver. Best of luck to everybody, and thank you Heir Audio again for this contest. We head-fier's pour money into the industry so it is wonderful to get a few perks along the way! Cheers.

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I've always been a headphone snob, but not just so I can spend a lot of money on fancy equipment that most people have never heard of smile.gif. My parents got me started as a classically-trained pianist at the tender age of 2 (I would soon switch to cello a few years later). As a result, I have always had very high standards for not only sound quality, but composition quality as well. High-quality headphones allow me to fully appreciate every aspect of a song and I really enjoy studying almost everything I hear. I enjoy songs of all genres and periods, and a brand spankin' new pair of 4.Ai's will help me carry on my love for music, and hopefully share it with others, by being able to rave to all my friends and passers-by about how awesome these buds are. Really hoping to get my hands on these.

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All my headphones say that :


" What is me? I'm only your tool to play music , love the music before you love the audio equipment "


And I say that :


" If music is the love , you are my lovers "


// big thanks to FullCircle and Heir Audio who create this wonderful contest

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what my headphones say about me is that I love music to an extent, where I can sacrifice many things for highest possible quality listening experience...

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My headphones say that I love high fidelity sound, that I value comfort during long listening sessions, and that I appreciate quality German engineering. :)

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Mine usually say: "I'm listening to music" and "but I wish I had enough money to afford Custom In ears....if I did I would probably buy heirs" 

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I have a pair of etymotic er4p's which say that i work with music and need neutral headphones, isolating headphones to mix tracks on the go. My favourite headphones to use on the go are my rockit sounds r - 50's which says that I will consider any brand as long as they put out great headphones into the market. It also says that I just love music, and these headphones are simply the best sound signature for the music I love.

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