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as the title says, I am looking at possibly upgrading my AMB Gamma2 (DIY DAC) to something else, that uses USB.

I don't know if I care about having anything other than 16bit 44.1 KHz but my experience with DACs is very limited, not quite sure what I am looking for.

just upgrading my system piece by piece, and was hoping there would be a reasonable upgrade here...

I'm kind of wanting something as simple as possible. basically just... output for amplifier, USB, power plug. if it looks nice, that's a plus too. tongue.gif

a dedicated power supply I hear makes a lot of difference, rather than just powering it by USB?

I'd say I would have no problems building my own DAC if that would be the best option, though would require some justification for the work needed if this is the case.


and I don't really know if upsampling does anything for sound quality, but it would be nice if someone could describe the theory behind it.

does not have to be more expensive than a Gamma2 as long as it's simple and good! I suspect a DAC should be as neutral as possible, but not quite sure. have seen people describe DACs as warm/cold/neutral which is a bit confusing.


anyhow! TL;DR is that I'm looking for a good, simple (Asynchronous) USB DAC that would have the possibility of adding a Power Supply. (if it is worth it? I much suspect it is)


sorry for grammar and such, I am a bit tired.