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hmmm, maybe you haven't seen it. But apple have done things in the marketing world far beyond that. Way more serious. Were talking illegitimate blackmail, threats, court cases and so on for a period of over 20 years that have had far reaching effects (ill effects- not to apple and their fanboys though) felt throughout the world. Not even a week passes without a new one. Even this week, the story of them strangling samsung and their market share lives on, with even judges in court admitting to the blatedness of their antics by asking apple to run an advertisement to cleanly apologise that 'samsung didn't copy the ipad.'  


I still can't understand all the blatant apple fanboys raging at beats marketing strategies and ploys. A pure trick I distinctly remember is when the original iphone came out the tv screens blared videos of super fast web browsing capabilities to entice buyers in their millions. What they didn't realise was that the sequence in the video was sped up, bigtime sped up. Oh, too bad for the people that fell for it (in their millions). A nice way to gain entry into the market, don't you agree.


This olypics trick is a nasty one by beats and does show the shallowness of the entire brand, their product and what they stand for. Clearly they don't mind being categorised with the big boys- like apple. That's my point. 

I agree that the court cases by Apple are ridiculous.  The sort of patents they claim to have - the fact that a simple rectangle is somehow proprietary, or that swiping your finger is patentable - is nothing but patently ridiculous.  But that's my issue with Apple's lawyers more than their marketing (and an issue with US Software Patents in general - Copyrights are the way to go).


I still haven't seen any discrete examples of anything this abhorrent from Apple's marketing team - sure, they may have sped up some video playback from an iPhone (which I do not endorse and I think is a bad thing), but that's nothing on trying to cheat out the Olympics through their athletes because they were too cheap for a real sponsorship.


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"The ambush by Dre has been particularly successful in the Aquatics Centre, with virtually every swimmer at the Games now using headphones to tune out background noise as they walk toward the pool before races."


That's funny because I noticed last night that Michael Phelps was wearing Soul by Ludacris, even once everyone else had ditched their headphones to get ready for the race.


Huh.  Wasn't he wearing Sol Republics not that long ago?

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Apple with their patents and lawyer suites are intrinsicly linked to marketing. They literally have one goal- reduce the other doods market share and that will increase ours. No law and no country is unfortunately bigger than they, so it shows no sign of ceasing any time soon.



'too cheap for a real sponsorship'


Hit the nail on the head there. That's exactly it.



By the way, ambush marketing at the olypics isn't unheard of. Nike have been at it this olympics:


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