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consider the marshall Major, I like them, pref. if you find it under 90$



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If you want a portable setup, I highly recommend the HD25. Fast, lively, with accented treble and bass. They often go for less than $150 used in the classified section.


If you can get the for that price it would be awesome.

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OK well that seems to be the popular opinion. I have been reading more about it after I posted and I am pretty convinced that they are not for me then since that is pretty much the only time I will use them. Maybe one day if I am more of an audiophile I might get some for home use. Damn that is too bad. I might go with the CAL then, I just don't like that it doesn't fold and they are plastic so it smells of easy breakage to me.

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So I went with a friend to test the Grado SR60i and Sr80i, while the difference was minimal I thought 80i sounded just a nice touch heavier with my music, the 60i had good bass, just enough, the 80i had just that extra boom that I liked more. However, I had my friend try them on to test the leakage and boy oh boy I could pretty much hear the words clear as day, as you need to turn up the volume because they also do not block sound from the outside. So Those would be sweet for in home use, but public, they just wouldn't do espcially if I would be sitting right next to someone inches away on the bus. I would say that people are not exaggerrating the leakage.


I tried on a few other pairs that I no longer recall the names of, one was an AKG and I wasn't really impressed, just uncomfortable with tiny ear pieces, the sound was great though.

So I guess I am back to the Creative Aurvana Live which are said to be comfortable, with strong bass and great highs. If they leak less or the same as the Sony MDR7's then that would be great because that was not too bad to be honest. I just really don't like that they don't fold.

Is it worth the extra 100 for the V-Moda M80's? 

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I've personally been looking at


Creative Aurvana Live! ($100) vs Sony MDR-ZX700 ($80) vs Philips Citiscape Downtown ($70), all off Amazon.


You can look at a thread I had going a little while back.  Asked price was a bit lower, but tastes are somewhat similar.



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Also take a look here. There's not too much info, but Dsnuts seems to really like them. More than the M80 actually. 


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Thanks again guys, you all gave me a lot to look at. I have pretty much decided on the Creative Aurvana Live phones, but just looking to see if I can get them in town instead of ordering them because I don't want to be hit with a customs fee (I may or may not be...I don't know). 

Otherwise I came across the B & W P5's and they are double the price I was looking for but man to the heaven's they are so amazing. They feel comfortable, they look awesome, they sound stunning, but alas I am not ready to spend so much on a pair of headphones. Maybe sometime, but not now. I always liked B & W since my dad has some amazing speakers from them that he has had for close to 20 years now, if not more, so I may be a bit biased too since I am fond of the brand.

But they are out of my price range so I think I will stick with the CAL's, but perhaps one day those P5's will be mine. I am also afraid they would be stolen off my head if I bought them...does that even happen? I don't know...I'm sure it does, so maybe those are best for home use anyway, or trips with friends and family. 

Anyway thanks again all.

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