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^ Thanks. Danny Wright deserves a third mentioning here (although I have listed him in the openning post and mentioned his Phantasy album in this thread previously). His Autumn Dreams album is excellent as well.
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Scott Wilkie!

sorry thats jazz but it's still nice. Very chill and melodic.

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Thanks, I like his songs. Some may call his style Chill Jazz. Anyway, I welcome any style / genre as long as it is good music.
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+1 for George Winston and David Lanz.


Also thanks for the list, so that I can try some more new age stuff.

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^ Welcome to Headfi!
Once you have found a new favorite (that is not on the list), please let us know. Cheers!
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Few recent discoveries, that are more or less focused on piano:


Lebensessenz -  Tu, deorum hominumque tyranne, Amor
Gonzales - Solo Piano
Akira Kosemura - How my heart sings
Eluvium - An Accidental Memory in the Case of Death
Lechner & Tsabropoulos - Chants, Hymns and Dances [Gurdjieff]

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Phillip Aaberg - Welcome to the Church of St. Anytime
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I'll have to go through and listen to all these folks that you guys have listed, I'm excited to find so many recommendations for this genre! I've always loved solo piano or piano-focused music but struggle to find gems.


I have to throw my two cents in. Ilya Beshevli is my favorite New Age pianist (I'd classify him as neo-classical). He is fantastic pianist who used to only do solo piano music, but as of late he has branched out to make more piano focused classical, it tends to be just piano or a piano focus with some strings. Overall I love his music for his unique melodies and ability to evoke emotion. My two favorites by him are Night Forest and Mystery.


The only sad thing about Beshevli is he only puts things on soundcloud. Despite my best efforts, I cannot obtain lossless music files of his work. But at least of all his stuff is absolutely free!

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^ Wow! I like his music quite a lot (even more so than most albums mentioned in this thread), especially the Night Forest! Indeed, he is more neo-classical than New Age. How is his music "free" (for download)? I found some of his Amazon mp3s for sale and would like to buy some. What other songs of his do you like? Thank you!!

Out of those albums mentioned in this thread, I suggest you to try the 20 Years of Narada Piano first. It eans more towards New Age, but not overly so. Since it is a compilation, chances are high that you may find something you like.
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I can tell you I ran into Michael Gettel music on mog a few years ago and he blew me away . His works are s few years old and he doesn't release new stuff but he was very good . I heard he is a teaching professor out in the northwest well enjoy
Originally Posted by zzffnn View Post

List first:

Scott Cossu
Phil Coulter
Kevin Kern
David Lanz
Liz Story
Jim Brickman
Richard Clayderman
Danny Wright
George Winston
John Tesh
Rob Costlow
David Nevue
Robin Spielberg
Daydream/ Renodia
John Boswell
Jim Gibson
Dustin O'Halloran

Ludovico Einaudi
Ryuichi Sakamoto


I use the term “New Age” liberally and loosely here. As you may already know, George Winston’s style is different from Jim Brickman’s, and more so from Richard Clayderman’s. Some may refer to Jim Brickman’s style as “Soft contemporary”, while others may refer to Richard Clayderman’s style as “semi-classical/easy-listening classical”. Let us be liberal with the categorization here and recommend whatever piano music that sounds good and has a similar style.

Thank you for reading / contributing to this thread.

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Just got this album



Concert pianist Simon Tedeschi plays a series of works by Australian composers.  Most of the composers have jazz credentials, but the aesthetic of the music is very new-agey.  A really pleasant listen.

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My favorite pianist is Jim Chappell love all his works has anyone else heard of him . I discovered him years ago on a smooth jazz channel and he has quite a number of CDs .
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