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I recently cobbled together a hi-fi system, purchasing second-hand NAD components fairly cheaply. I ended up with the following:


Amplifier = NAD 302

CD player = NAD 502

Turntable = NAD 5120

Monitors = Tannoy Mercury MX1s


My headphones are Sony MDR-XB500, Audio Technica ATH-AD700 and Grado SR80i.


I like the setup, but find that sound overall is a touch too warm. I'm looking for a little clarity in the HF. I find that when feeding music from my laptop via my Creative Soundblast X-Fi Go! the sound is quite balanced, but sound from the CD player is kinda deficient where the treble is concerned.


I'm wondering whether I need to look for another CDP or whether my amp might be the issue. Any suggestions?