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DT770 Pro 80 - Clamp force causing dizziness?

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I got these cans the other day for obvious reasons and while they do deliver on the bass and overall sound quality, they are scoring low on comfort in my book. The thing is they clamp hard around my ear. Not so much that it hurts (my jaw muscles do get fatigued, though) but already after 10 mins or so I feel dizzy and overall don't feel too good.


Is it normal to get dizzy like this and will I get used to it eventually? Was thinking of bending them a little but I'm not too sure its worth the risk.

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I've heard of dizziness caused from NC headphones...not closed cans...but it could be possible...due to the pressure.

Have you tried on other cans? Do u feel the same? 

How about on-ear cans, any difference?

Try to borrow cans and see how u feel...after 1 hr of usage...


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I've been using HD595 for 5 years, I wear them ~8 hours/day. I also wear on-ear headphones for portables. No problems whatsoever. I guess DT770 isn't for me then. Such a shame.

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Guess it's the pressure...maybe a basketball or football will help to stretch.
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Overnight stretching helps as usual, I'm suprised so few people even conciders doing it. My AKG K518 DJs were only wearable for like 15~20 mins until intense pain in the ears formed due to excess clamping. 2 overnight stretching made it wearable at least 2 hrs or so.


I also had my cheek become a bit fatigued wearing a new DT770 Pro but I'm sure some stretching had taken care of that though.

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i got headaches from most of my new headphones, including the DT770 Pro's. the clamping pressure over the temples could be doing you in. while most people suggest stretching them out over a stack of books, a day or two doing this didn't give me my desired loosened clamp. so instead of book stretching for a week (which might have done the trick), i just carefully bent the headband outward. do this at your own risk, but the Beyer headband is real strong metal, so i doubt you'd do any harm. unsnap the padded headband to expose the metal, and go easy at first. worked great for me.

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