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I have the pre-Logitech Super Fi 5 Professional earphones, which means these are the dual armature ones, with white housing and grey stock earbuds.


It seems that the right housing right now is less reactive than the left, which is annoying. I ordered another replacement cable just to see if it's my cable.


I have tried the so-called flip-flop method, switching the left channel with the right and vice versa and the sound seems to be the same. It is not my hearing, though I first suspected it to be the case!


What I'm not sure is if it's the cable or the monitor itself.


From what I've read/heard, Logitech isn't a very good company when it comes to support and I don't suspect they'll repair my earphones (heard that they don't repair their own earphones, even at a fee, but not sure if that's true). I'm way past my warranty since it's been with me for 2-3 years. In fact, I don't have one since I was not the original purchaser.


What should I do?



Where could I go to get the housing looked at? I'm in Canada so any general location would be fine (perhaps some specialist with electronics?) - I'll do the research before going.



Any and all replies will be appreciated. Thank you.