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IEM for intense workouts?

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I'm new to the forum, my brother sent me in your guys' direction ;)


So to get started these ear buds are going to have to be tough. I workout 6 days a week, often more than once a day. All different kinds of movement ex.) weight lifting, running/sprinting, agility exercises, and cycling.


I started listening to my own music on runs with JVC's marshmallows, and they quickly got drowned in sweat making the sound quality pitiful. I continued to use them and just put up with it until recently one of the ear buds just wouldn't play. So I'm on a mission to find something that will LAST, and I am willing to put out up to $150. I would really like to just get some that are waterproof..


As far as sound quality goes, I usually listen to heavy and classic rock. I am not one to be precise about little details in sound quality. I would much rather see that the head phones are well built. 


I hope that someone can help me out.



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It's a tricky question. I would personally avoid using listening devices during any intense workout, as they're going to be wrong for at least one reason. You want to block outside noise and stay focused, as well as make sure they stay in your ear, so you might look at in-ear monitors that sit inside the ear canal. But as you work out strenuously, your blood pressure raises and you also become less mentally sensitive to sound. Both of these can lead to physically and aurally damaging your ears/hearing. Earbuds that don't sit inside the ear canal won't isolate outside noise, and won't stay fit securely. Not to mention the huge amount of sweat and skin cells that are going to build up on all parts of the listening devices, which will eventually lead to a failure.

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The Sennheiser/Adidas Line can take it.


Look em up. Good Stuff.




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So as far as damaging your hearing goes.. wouldn't you have to turn the volume up more as your hearing fades? Or do your ears just become more vulnerable? 


And I have looked into the sennheiser/adidas phones.. only thing is they don't state that they are sweat resistant or waterproof which is something I am really looking for.


more suggestions would be fantastic!!

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This specific info on a Senn Model denotes Sweat and Water Resistant Construction...



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I just buy JVC gummies and replace them once they break/get lost/thrown in the laundry. Open backs make running more pleasant for me, I hate IEMs when running or doing sprints maybe for the gym to block out other people but any sort of running they seem wrong.

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Highly considering the senn/adidas!

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Good Choice...


Although. I will throw one more your way:


IEM Selection Overload!!!



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Now fellas... I have a very tough decision on my hands... The fact that they are machine washable amazes me. 


hmmm.... anyone else have any input on the isports?? Or any other recommendations? 

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No Doubt...


I hated to do that to you.


Just look past some of the features for a moment and ask yourself about service after the sale. Warranty, Service, Repair and the like.


Good Luck, Jim

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I use CIEMs... call me crazy, but the soundstage helps a lot!

also if there made by a good company than the acrylic stands up to beatings
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so.. I cannot decide between the senn/adidas or the isports. If anyone has some good advice on either of these I'd appreciate it highly. I have a feeling one of these will be the choice. 


To throw into the mix myself, I have never been a monster customer everything they make is highly overpriced. I'm worried that the headphones might be, but I don't know much. 




edit, if anyone knows how the two sound compared to each other that could be a factor now that I can't choose between the two..

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My choice would be based on warranty, and warranty procedure.

I know that Best Buy carries the Senns. For this reason alone, that would be my choice.

Enjoy whatever you purchase, Jim

PS Don't forget to burn in whichever one you choose though.
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The Sennheiser on Amazon has reviews all over the satisfaction scale. It is almost even at opposing ends of the scale; 56 five stars to 47 one star. Make sure you can return them if you decide to get these.

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I just did a write-up on another thread about the isports:


Bottom line:  If you have a $150 budget, but them.  Like you I work out everyday and sometimes multiple times / day.  I put them through the paces today with an 8 mile run and a weight workout over lunch and they performed flawlessly....after making a small tip replacement.  Minor price to pay for what you get in return.  FYI, they take the same tip size as the Meelectronics M6,  I put some flange tips on and they are rock solid, great sound, and waterproof now.  Best thing is just running them under warm water after a workout to clean them off.  Love it.  I got mine for $69 refurbed through Monster's ebay store.  Not sure if they have any left, but I think you can find these for around 100 nowadays.  Definitely worth it to me and I would gladly pay 100 if I had to replace these due to theft, loss, etc.

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