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For Sale:

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For sale is a pair of HiFiMAN HE-6 planar magnetic headphones, purchased in March 2011 via HeadRoom. They're in great condition and come with the box and all original accessories, including:


- OCC balanced cable with Neutrik stereo XLR*

- 1/4" stereo adapter extension with Neutrik plug

- Spare cable connectors

- Velour pads with extra spare pad


Also included is a custom-made XLR to speaker cable adapter with Monster Flex-Pin connectors, for running the phones from a speaker amp. I have tried this, but don't have a particularly great speaker amp and to be honest have been getting more than satisfactory results from my Audio-gd Phoenix.


* NB. I got these phones from another Head-Fi member and in transit it seems the cable got pinched and now has an intermittent fault on one side. This shows itself as a rustling or cutting out of the sound in the left channel when moving the head to the left. It is usable as is, but if I were in the financial situation to be able to keep these phones, I would get a replacement (perhaps aftermarket) cable - or have them hardwired after the awesome fashion of some folks here. Replacement original cables are available from Head Direct for $150 USD.


I can ship these wonderful headphones almost anywhere, and can include basic shipping to the continental US in the price.



Rob aka Littlebear

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