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Hey guys!

It is related to the ultrasone pro 900 with JMoney mods and Blue Moon Blue Dragon cable review thread.

Since Im not sure this thread is still visited (its a relatively old one) I figured I d create a new thread for my particular question. A detailed answer, with a few words/opinions to each would be greatly appreciated. So best regards to any soul out there who helps me out and thanks in advance! conquerator2

the original question follows:


Hi fellas!

I wonder if this blue dragon V3 cable is a lot amp dependent? Im using the Fiio E11 connected to my phone via a gold platted Nuforce cable/jack. And so far using the stock cable of the Ultrasones Pro 900 (Which is also gold platted). So Lets say if I just replace the stock cable will I get all these aforementioned attributes? (overall improvement - sound clarity, sub bass, better low/heighs/treble,etc...)?


Also should I get the blue dragon mini as a substitute for the Nuforce also? Would it make a significant difference for the price? Would the Nuforce affect the Blue Dragon cable in a bad way?


Also which plating is best for the BD cable?


They are all gold platted, so is it okay for it? (I suppose since it seems its the same cable)

And is the Oyaide better than the Neutrik? Its only 5 bucks, so will it make a difference?

Or would the Moon Audio Rhodium Bananas do much better (its another 35 bucks so...)? It doesnt say which size it is tho, so dunno if it is a 1/8 or 1/4 or whatever?


Or would any of the other cable choices available do better (except the furutech dual pin for 135.... dont need that anyways)

I need the classic 3.5 jack cable (I believe its the 1/8, right?)


Also, I suppose moding the ear pads, is a little useless, especially the JMoney or similar, as OP said that they dont go well together with the BM cable. Also I think they are quite sibilant as they are, so if the pads would increase it further, Im completely with OP on it - it can be unbearable :-D I fink the soundstage decent and better clarity should further improve upon thaz, so I guess the cable is all I need, except for your help xD


A reply would be much appreciated, thanks!