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hello everyone

recently i've decided since i enjoy listening to music soo much i might as well upgrade my equipments

1st thing i did was getting the Fiio E6 and Sennheiser HD 419 (with my samsung galaxy S1), which sounds fantastic to me at least, but they are full sized and after a while my ears were burning up cuz they are very worm

so i started looking for iems and longs tory short here are my finalists




Brainwavez Beta


AudioTechnica ATH-CKM50A


you can judge from the prices of them my price range


having a mic would be nice but its not a deal breaker, i could do with or without it just fine

i listen to mainstream music, a little bit from everything, but my fav is the blues


i'll be using these i guess in two places, in the library, and in bed when im trying to sleep

so what do you recommend........

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