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ATH-M50S and ATH -M50

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is there a diffrence i see on the headphone rank at they have different ranks 






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the difference is that the S model is the black version with the straight cord (it is pretty long I think almost 12 feet).  The other one is just the regular version (black or white with coiled cord).


I myself have the ATH-M50W version which are the white headphones that come with the coiled cord.  I had the pleasure of listening to the black ones for 3 days before I received the white ones.  Personally, I despised the straight cord.  It was ALWAYS getting in the way even in 3 days it annoyed me greatly.  Love the coiled cord, feels built stronger too.


I did also notice a difference in the sound, the black model had slightly more bass, but the white ones a much better overall sound with better mid-range and still strong controlled bass.  Again, this could just be my perceptions playing tricks on me but take it as you will.  It could just be that the white ones sound better because they have been "burned in" Lol.  Anyways, hope this was some help.


P.S. I'm waiting on a FIIO E17 to give it some extra bass and some more power as well and I have heard good things.  I am in desperate need of the DAC function because the SQ is exponentially better even on my iPod then it is when used with my laptop computer.


Anyways, good luck

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Should i get the M50's or Soul Sl150 for 80$ ?

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depends what you want.  If you want legit sound quality and great durability  then look to the M50's.  your choice really

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Yea im torn do i love the style of the SL150 an removable wire an sound is not that bad but M50s aren't most pleasing looking headphones 

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Also arent the Souls on-ear versus the M-50's which are over-ear. You have to think about that as well.

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