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Try the Pro/PL-750, maybe you can handle this treble longer than I did.

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Some suggested the Sony MDR-SA5000 would be absolutely perfect, but those are discontinued...

I suppose I could try to get them used but I also don't like buying discontinued headphones (just a personal preference).

...is there anything that sounds similar to the MDR-SA5000 and is still in production?

What's the issue buying a discontinued model? There should still be some BNIB out there if you look.

Anyways, the Grado SR-325is is fairly treble tilted, and the Beyerdynamic T70 is sort of a closed SA5000 (it's worse in every possible way, but it's as close to a closed-back SA5000 as I think you're gonna get).

Ultrasone PRO2900 is also fairly bright, but has a lot down low too.
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Originally Posted by delusionist View Post

Sorry, but I strongly disagree here.

I agree that the 555 can sound extremely bright. My pair sounded ridiculously bright and full of reverb out of the box but turned into a totally different creature with burn in. Very weird indeed. My 595 never behaved that way though. They just sounded good directly out of the box.

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I have the HD439. When I was researching headphones, I read that the HD449 has a "fun" sound and is very detailed in the treble, they say it is very good for critical listening.
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