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Munitio Nines?

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Hello i'm new here at Head-Fi and I'm wondering about the new Munitio Nines.

If any of you have these, what are your opinions on the sound and overall quality? 







I was signed up to their email list so they gave me a 25% off code on any of their products if any of you are interested in buying them.

Code: MUN127



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Those look Kewl...

Do you have them? How do they sound? How much do they cost? Got any specs?

Thanks, Jim

PS Great first post too. Welcome to the Forum.
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I have the Munitio Billets, and they sound pretty good. I don't know about the nines, but the billets is for basshead.


The only problem I had with them is they're a little too big, it's hard to fit them in my ear canal. 

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No, I don't have these headphones but I do know they cost $179.00 from the Munitio online store.

I am pretty sure that all the specs are listed on the back of the box they come in (Munitio Billits have the specs on the box)

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Wow, To pricey for me.

Thanks for the info though.

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I think I am going to try to pick up the MW3 munitio billits at best buy or gamestop because I heard they are as low as $30 and sometimes $20. They would give me a little taste of Munitio before purchasing the nines. They have pretty much the same design.

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That sounds like a good plan.

Allows you more time to scour the forum too.

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You can find their older version the SiTi for around $80-$90 around the net and on amazon. They have a new version labeled "Munitio Nines" with "enhanced acoustics" & a new mic control with 3 buttons instead of the original 1. I'm really interested in seeing a review of these new ones. By far one of the coolest designs I think, but not worth the money if they don't sound good. I can't comment on anything further as I do not own a pair. I own the Munitio Billets though. They have really crazy bass. But it's out of control, as in not accurate. It is so unbalanced that everything else sounds damp and muddy. On certain songs they sound awesome though.


You can find the Billets for $19-$60 on amazon oddly enough. For $19 in my opinion they beat competitors like Skullcandy ink'd and JVC marshmellows in the bass department. If you are a die hard crazy bass head they might suite you. But I wouldn't pay more than $25 including shipping for them.

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