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As if ANV3 isn't high-end enough. From what I heard it is definitely better than TM5. I will see ...

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ANV3 is high end for sure ahahah!


They make earbuds really slowly as have lack of resources and machines. Next year they are moving and will have a better factory and make them quicker and more plentiful. Also I don't think it is even worth questions the slightly larger price. Any ANv3 would have happily paid that I am sure.

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Out of stock only one day confused_face(1).gif

p/s: I dun believe thus deadhorse.gif

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I too was a little puzzled about the differences between ANV3 and ANV3 se besides the 50% price increase.

I emailed Blox and here is their response (unedited):

"ANV3se is different from ANV3,bacsically they both sound quite similar.
Since they use the same driver,we tried to improve sound quality for ANV3se
by improving a dynamic,speeed and flat frequency responce,we lose some
weight for all frequency rage though,but it is worth it."

So in a nutshell, ANV3 and ANV3se both use M2C housing and the same driver (which is built with TM7 diaphragm but a different magnet).

The tuning is different which means dampening material or wire or soldering material could be different.

If anybody has ever cracked opened an earbud, the amount of solder or dampening material is equivalent to at best a few cents.

Since cabling has already been improved for the ANV3, I doubt there is a new supper-dupper cable for ANV3se which would warrant the $30 price increase.

Personally, I don't really understand what "losing weight for all frequency range" means. Maybe it's less bass weight and less forwardness in the treble. Basically less V-shaped and a little flatter response curve. That would put the ANV3se somewhere between the ANV3 and TM7.


The fact that from a cosmetic standpoint there is little to no difference between an M2C with an engineering change, an ANV3 and an ANV3se makes it pretty hard to assess the value of Blox earphones. The sound improvement might warrant the price difference but without a clear explanation of what Blox tweaked, it's pretty hard to assess. Frankly, it seems more logical to think that given the demand Blox saw on ANV3, they wanted to cash-in on it and quickly relaunched the brand new ANV3se at a much higher price (BTW just below the psychological price point of $100) with minimal changes. In absolute, the ANV3se might still be worth it at this price point but when you can get a Creative Aurvana Live for $60 or an Hifiman RE-400 for $100, it would have to be one hell of an amazing earbud with much improved fit and finish.


Blox might have little competition in the earbud niche but its pricing tactics, on-and-off availability, confusing marketing and poor built quality doesn't yet warrant the price they are asking. They should get a steady supply on a few models with stable design covering low, intermediate and high price points. Just with that alone they would be able to amortize their R&D expenses over more units and learn how to assemble the earbuds faster and with greater quality. That alone should increase their margin and make it a better business to the benefit of its owners and client base.

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for what it is worth i prefer the sound of the ANV3 to the RE-400/.... People should judge Blox after they have heard the magic they make with earbuds!

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The way I see it, Blox had a financial reason (availability of parts?) to combine the M2C housing and parts of the TM7 driver. The gimmick was that it was an 'anniversary edition'.


And the way I see it, the financial reason that lead to the ANV3 persists to this day - but the problem for Blox is they made the ANV3 a limited edition, so can't very well make more of it now. To solve this they created a 'special edition' of what was already a special edition (doh!). Quite possibly they changed nothing but at best (my guess) slightly altered the tiny patch of filter material at the back of the housing.

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I believe ANV3se is in the price tag that the ANV3 would be if it wasn't a limited commemorative edition.

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Though limited editions are usually the ones that carry the heftier price tag. What happens now is basically that the people who got the limited edition ended up with the less prestigious deal.

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Unfortunately I have to agree with Type35.


Swim, It has nothing to do with how the sound of the earbud.  Type35 sums it up nicely.


IMO Blox need to find a better/different earbud shell at this point. 


Also if you own a M2C/TM7/ANV3, I'll be very interested to know how the SE compares to them.

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so i wonder, ofcourse nobody recieved their ANV3se yet  , i bought it myself and planning to get C&C BH amp.

do you guys recommend  a certain  type of a low profile Ipod LOD? in terms of sound combination of the amp+anv3se, what would be the most appropriate material for a LOD?

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I think you guys will really love the vsonic uu2 , I love them smily_headphones1.gif
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Do someone received them ?
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Originally Posted by karistep View Post

Do someone received them ?

i was about to ask the same ^^

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Mine arrived on Saturday! happy_face1.gif


First impressions here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/659983/blox-anv3se-first-impressions

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My anv3se arrived. They sound nice but I don't know if I'll keep them- earbuds and my ears aren't getting along.
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