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If that is what you like , but to be honest everybody hears differently so take that into consideration. :
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After listening the M2C, I don't think it justify the price difference to get the TM7 unless you require a balanced and neutral sound which the TM7 provide. The M2C is a more lively sound with more bass. I normally prefer neutral sound and yes the TM7 have better clarity, but its hard to tell, its just fun to listen to the M2C because it give good bass impact which tends to be lacking with earphones at this size.

My only regret about the M2C is I didn't order two.
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I now have the sunrise charm 3 and dragon 2 for comparison
Originally Posted by shotgunshane View Post

This may be an odd request for a compare but can someone possibly compare the ANV3 to the new Apple earpod? It's the only bud I have and I'm trying to figure out the ANV3 is the direction I want to go for my first higher end earbud.

What I'd like to find is a little less boomy bass than the earpod, much more sparkle, air and space, and also lose the glare the earpod has in the upper mid. Thanks!

This is basically what the ANV 3 is! Also Generally a lot better as well!
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If you guys think they're worth $70 usd, I'll give them a shot.

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worth 70 USD? They are worth like 300 USD maybe more in terms of sound!

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Originally Posted by mtruong34 View Post

That's funny.  I always prefer foam pads.  Sounds tinny without pads.  In fact, I use the full foams pads OVER the donut pads.  Maybe that configuration just works better for my ear size/shape.  I think mochill is in the minority here.  I would bet most people prefer the sound with pads.


I never use foams, they feel like nails on a chalkboard against the skin. Regardless, on the M2C, I actually had to EQ down the bass to make them comfortable to listen to as well.

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Any idea when the ANV3 are back up for sale? I know it says after Chinese New Year so I'm hoping that means Monday. I only ask because the website will let me order M2Cs now, and I was hoping to be able to order them now to lock in my pair before they sell out.


Also if I've read people's impressions correctly the ANV3 has most of the TM7's clarity with some added bass/fun like the M2C, is that right? If so I think that may be my ideal sound signature in an earbud.

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Video Review of ANV3


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Excellent review swimsonny, just watched it and have subscribed to you on youtube. There's no doubt at all in my mind that I'm buying these as soon as they're back up for sale.


I also wanted to check whether there are any group buys for the M2C at the moment. If not I'd be happy to organise one, preferably staying within the UK/EU to keep shipping costs to a minimum and so that the deal is worthwhile to people. I checked the group buy section of the forums but it seems kinda bare.

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Thanks a lot mate for the compliment and sub!


Group buys have to be organised with in head fi rulewhich I think you should check up on first. Just to save you getting trouble.

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Thanks, will look into it.

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Nice review swinsonny smily_headphones1.gif
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thanks mate

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No problem biggrin.gif I like know about the myst iem, where can I get one ?
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you have to email the company to order one. Do you plan on buying one then?

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