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Blox earbuds Discussion (TM7, M2C, ANV3, BE3/BE5/BE7, B160/B320) - Page 12

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Well I'm back and after owning these for about a month and my opinion is changed. I'm not sure why they sound better, but they do or I got used to them. The bloatness that I previously mentioned are gone, now they are very clear sounding. Overall the sound has good impacts and the highend is so smooth making string instruments enjoyable to listen to. It is rare to find a sibilance free headphone while still retaining high end clarity like this one. I can't find any genre of music they don't sound good with. I still go by using the Sennheiser rubberpads, but with the drivers fully exposed, the pads only stay around the rim to help with the fit, this gives me the best clarity. With foampads they have a warmer and bassier sound.

Just to make sure I'm not crazy, I compared it to my Sennheiser MX581. It has about the same soundstage width, but simply doesn't have the same level of layering and lacks the impacts. The highs are sharper, artificial and not as smooth, this aspect is the main thing that set the TM7 from cheaper buds.

The only downside with the TM7 is there seems to be little to no bass below 50hz, but its expected for earbuds. My only concern is build quality.
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I received my TM7s a last week and out of the box I immediately noticed how much more bass there is compared to the PK2/M2C and MX580s.


I was playing  Velvetine - The Great Divide (Original Mix) with Above & Beyond - TATW #400 live in Beirut, one word WOW.  It's a vocal trance song, but the vocals stand out so well, it feels like you are right there in front of the stage. I never got the same listening impression from the M2Cs or PK2.


So far no complaints from me, but as Terry wrote built quality might be a issue in the long term.


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Mine arrived Saturday, but we were out of town (was really hoping to have them arrive before we headed out)...going to try and sneak to the post office on my break tomorrow morning.

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Damn it! I wrote a long post and somehow lost it!


I don't feel like repeating everything, so I'll just stick to the main points:


The other day I did some ABing of 5 earbuds: Sennheiser MX980, TM7, Sony MDR-E282, MDR-E484 and Hisoundaudio Live. I would rank them like that. The MX980 and TM7 have a very similar presentation, slightly distanced but at the same time detailed. Like you are sitting a few rows back in a concert hall. The only difference is that the MX980 has got slightly deeper bass. The TM7 have a better fit, though.


The old Sony earbuds have a more upfront presentation and therefore smaller soundstage. However, the instruments are beutifully layered on them and you don't really lose any sense of detail despite the closer presentation. If 9W had made the NW Studio Pro earbuds like the E484, it would have been a great earbud. Now it's just pretty good.

The E484 still has the deepest bass of any earbud I've heard. They are still very balanced, so Sony were on to a good thing in the 80's and 90's...


The Hisoundaudio Live falls short compared to the others. It sounds thin and not as involving. I still like it, but it's not in the same league as the other four. I'd say that it's around the same level as Yuin PK2 and Blox M2C, so the price is too high in my opinion...



I want to compare soundstage and detail in the MX980 and TM7 with the Aiwa HP-D9 and Hisoundaudio Living. The D9 has the best soundstage I've ever heard in a pair of headphones. I haven't heard flagship models such as K701 or HD800, but when it comes to soundtage, the D9 are at least as good as the ATH A2000X that I listened to in a Yodobashi Camera store.

The soundstage is huge and very detailed. You can pinpoint every sound. However, bass is the worst I've heard in a pair of earbuds, almost to the point that they sound defective. With a lot of bass boost the D9 become more balanced.

The Living is more balanced overall, but have a tendency to be sibilant. The D9 have a sound that's as dry as a Dry Martini and never succumbs to sibilance. When I compared the Living to the D9, the D9 easily won.


Anyway, the TM7 are great buds. If I weigh in sound and fit, they are my number one choice. For sound only, they are second to the MX980.

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Originally Posted by F900EX View Post

but as Terry wrote built quality might be a issue in the long term.



My left pair of TM7 seems to leave the "L" white symbol already, and they never gone out, only listened them to my house.

I'am a very maniac person in general, they never felt or received any shock, so seeing this really annoys me about built quality :(

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Thanks Danneq.  That seals the deal for me on the up and coming OMX 985.

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I would like to second Danneq’s observations on the TM7 with regards to the M2C. It does indeed surpass the M2C’s performance, but as usual, the law of diminishing returns still applies. I cannot believe I got what I did from the M2C for $50. If both products were on the market at the same time I would expect to pay $100 for the M2C when I compare it to the TM7. That said, the M2C sounds a little thinner and more anemic than the TM7. The TM7 is, as everyone else has said, “more fun”. Having heard the TM7, I believe it is worth the extra money paid.


Listening to the TM7 side-by-side with the PK1, I noticed it sounds less muffled, and ever-so-slightly more detailed than the PK1. This could be because of the lower impedance of the TM7, but I did try to make up for this by using the gain settings on my amp when listening to the PK1 to keep the playing field as level as possible. I have always felt the Yuin PK2 and PK1 have a slightly wooly feel to them (I have yet to try the PK3). Hearing this and comparing the PK1 to the TM7, I still feel the same way, and understand ClieOS’ assertion that the PK1 is “slower”.


With regards to fit and cosmetics, the glossy black finish isn’t as dramatic as the website pictures make it out to be, and having average-size ears, I had no issues with the size of the TM7.


I feel the TM7 rightfully deserve the acclaim they are getting, and rank them as better than the PK1 and the M2C.


As listening is a subjective activity, please take the above with a pinch of salt. For the comparisons, I used the following equipment:


Sansa Clip plus

Cowon J3

Headstage Arrow 4G 12HE

FiiO L8.


All audio files were flac. They included, but were not limited to the following:


the Beta Band “the 3 EPs”

Scientist “Rids the World of the Evil Curse of the Vampires”

Kid Koala “12 Bit Blues”

Codec “Lucid”

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Jeez. Day 2 with the TM7. Going to be selling off my M2C and PK1 now I guess...

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Almost ready to press the buy  button...........but if anyone is looking to sell drop me a pm...

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Button pressed.......beyersmile.png

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...you won't regret it :)...

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I've had my Blox TM7 for about a month now.  Also own Yuin PK1.  TM7 is much much better than PK1.  Better soundstage, high frequency performance and detail.  Also, extremely easy to drive.  One major thing I've noticed while enjoying music on these buds is background vocals.   Not only are they much clearer but I can pick the singers out in space.  TM7's are truly King of the Buds.

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I wish yuin would drop their prices! I want to buy their products, but can't justify the price given the blox line up :(( Times a-changin Yuin.

Hopefully blox can come out with something a bit smaller.

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Finally after all your comments, do I am the only one here to find that TM7 saturate very easily or I own a bad product ?

On my PK1 (not amped) for example on a bassy (but pure without any distortion of course) music, on my walkman I can reach an easy volume level of 9/13, but in begins to saturate already for the TM7 at a volume level of 5 only.

I'am not unhappy to own both pair, because as I said before, when I need to listen out some punchy music and for that cause, my PK1 will stay definitely my go to pair.

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Originally Posted by vid View Post

Just checked the Blox site contemplating buying another pair of M2C at some point, only to see them gone.frown.gif Kinda what I was expecting, though.


I liked the M2C sound, but given the bad quality of the cable on that one and Blox's short and draconian ('normal wear and tear') 6-month warranty, $140 seems way too much for their next earbud product.


My M2C just broke, quite literally. Right side just fell apart and stopped making any sound (even though the wires seem intact), and I probably won't get a replacement since its 7 months after shipment. I loved the m2c's sound, but if the TM7 is going to have the same ****ty warranty I don't think I can justify buying this one.

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