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Sennheiser HD448

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I currently am using a pair of Audio Technica NC27's and they are just too small on my ears. I am looking into getting a pair of the Sennheiser HD448's. They are just in my price range and I have heard good things about them. What do you guys think? I will include a link to them if you want to look at specifics. Any information/opinions are appreciated. Also, I listen to a very wide variety of music, techno, dubstep, rock, rap, alternative, so I would like a natural sound, but also something that can handle a song like Raise Your Weapon and do it well. If these aren't the ones, please suggest a different pair that might work better.





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Why not get the HD 449 which is the newer version of the HD 448? whats your budget anyway? 

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My budget is about $130ish, are the 449's better? It's just that I have heard better things about the 448's.
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I find the HD448s to be rather unimpressive.  I spend about $100 on them a year or so ago and don't think I got my money's worth out of that.


The sound is good, but there is nothing remarkable about it either.  I would describe it as a clean, flat sound.  I don't like the material covering the ear pads, it is too papery.  The cable is extremely thin, and you will hear every tab and brush of your cable loudly through the headset.  They are fairly comfortable, but feel a little small to be truly consider circumaural, they cover most of my ear but not all of it.  (Disclaimer: my head is fairly large, but I don't think my ear's are).  


I use mine for travel from time to time, and at home (I listen to music at work mostly), but wouldn't not really miss them if anything was to happen to them.


My recommendation, if portability/size is not really a concern, is the JVC HA-RX900.  It will cost you about half the price and is a far better product.  I listen to mine almost daily, along with the Grado SR-80 and Audio Techinica ATH-AD700s, but I don't think either of those would fit the music that you like to listen to.. 

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Well the HD 448 legacy is adopted by the HD 449, with the HD 448 many people were complaining about bass and if you check some chart you will realise over the last 3 years sennheiser has changed the sound signature of the HD 448, in short the HD 449 is an improved version of the HD 448 (Improved bass, fast paced and and nice forward sound). the JVC ha rx900 i hear lacks highs and hence the hD 449 will blow them away in highs and mids(no question about mids, the mids on these are hard to find in a closed headphone at this price range). also the jvc are heavier and less portable than the HD 449 and are harder to drive (64 ohm vs the 32ohm of the HD 449). RIP jvc

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