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Govibe multi amp? What is that?

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it is a amp with multiple outputs, tried once in jaben store, basically they use for several music headphone demo usage.

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updated first page with latest govibe mini box (2012 version) review, the comparison between Fiio E6 can be a huge for people who is looking for portable amplifier.
Using mini box at the moment for outdoor usage, it really does perform much better then E6. Purely my personal opinion.

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I have tried Govibe Mini box amp!

Much better than Fiio E6.

and it looks good and portable as well.

beat Fiio E6 for sure.

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they are targeting quite a wide range of consumer.
From the lowest USD 60 until USD 800.

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Facing a tough choice dilemma here, and would be very grateful for valuable opinions of fellow head-fyiers!


I am in search of a highly portable USB DAC/Amp to be paired with my Audiotechnica ATH-ES10, and maybe (in the future) with UE-900.


So far, based on my list of requirements, the seach narrowed down to RSA Predator/HeadAmp Pico USB DAC/Amp, and now GoVibe... ???


I need the device to take USB digital input (I don't necessarily need coax/optical), I need it to power both the DAC and the amp section off its battery or have very low power consumption off USB, as I intend to use it both with my laptop and with my iPad+CCK.


I am more onto the warmer/lush/fleshy/intimate side of sound signature, rather than overly bright/crisp/forward/neutral/analytical. I do love details, instrument separation and positioning better than bass boom, attack and power. I really need excellent soundstage (as wide as it gets). 


My home rig is a tube amp, but I am not going to carry any tubes around, so the PortaTube is out of race.


Price is of a lesser issue. 


Could you please share your thoughts? What would you be getting in my place? Thank you!

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