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Suggestions - need a loud/powerful player - HI person

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Hello. I am a hearing-imparied person, both ears, 30% hearing left, cause is genetic disorder, eveything is physically fine .


So, I want an mp3 player that is loud. I know Cowon players are loud, 6 years ago i've used iaudio F2 player and it's loudness was okay, suitable for my needs at that time (listened with CX300 in-ears). That is player is long gone, sniff :(. It was a good fellow.


But today I have tons of music I want on the go (I listen everything random :p). My needs/wishes:


1. Loud/Power

2. Memory slot or high capacity

3. Long battery life (no less than 20 hours)

4. Small form (so i can take it out on cycling, skating and such)

5. Tactile buttons (no touchsreens, player will mostly be in my pocket)



Last four points is not hard to find nowadays (except maybe mem slot). But it find it difficult to find which players are loud (searched for mW/channel output).

Mostly all people whom posts I read have healty hearing (since they don't state if they have low hearing) so I couldn't relate to their reviews and impressions.


Currently I don't have any good in-ears, only Denon AH-D1001. Oh, and budget range, up to 150$. Either only player or with some in-ears or with amp or everything in package.



Thank you in advance for all your help and suggestions. :)


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The Cowon D2, Sansa Fuze, Philips Go Gear are very loud and clear.

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Sansa Fuze, if it's similar in volume to Sansa clip zip, then it's a no go for me. I listened few days ago to clip zip and it's a little silent for me. As for Cowon D2, sadly i can't try it anywhere in my country (croatia). Philips Go Gear, i could try and find if there is any at my place to try it.

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The Sandisk players will play very loud if you use an efficient earphone or headphone. My Sandisk Clip+ can play at earsplitting volumes using a $15 Panasonic RP-HJE355 IEM(16 ohms, 105 db/mw) or Sony MDR-E828 earbuds $9(16 ohms, 108 db/mw) for example. Sandisk might release a new version of the Fuze in around 3 weeks.
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Yeah, i wondered about headphones. I checked my denons and they have 32ohms and i think 103db/mv (something like that). I recently looked at AKG quincy jones line, it has 16ohm and 121db/mv...that's a friggin lot. So I thought i should actually look at some headphones that could do the job (preferably the ones i can try out in store). I have the opportunity to get some headphones from USA, a relative is coming to my country so she can bring it for me. Are there any headphones that are currently at some really great price, some all-rounders? :p

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