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Koss Pro DJ-200 vs Audio Technica ATH-M50

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Koss launched Pro DJ-200 in early March 2012.

The price for Pro DJ-200 is approx. $130 (AMAZON)  which is quite similar to the legandary  Audio Technica ATH-M50 ($120).


The question here, does Koss Pro DJ-200 sounds better than ATH-M50 in term of bass, separation, sound stage, mids range & high?


For those who has listened to Pro DJ-200, please share your honest opinion.1000

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As far as I know, the DJ200 is the same thing as the $50 DJ100 except for the case and cable with touch remote and mic.


You can see my very brief comparison to the M50 here:



The Tony Bennett version is under $80 and includes a case, detachable coiled cable and album download. It's a steal if you want the extras.


It will all comes down to sound signature preference. I prefer the DJ100, but M50 (white boxed version) is still good. It's worth $120, but not $160 IMO.


The DJ100 has more forward and engaging mids, slightly less treble and less of a mid-bass hump. I imagine the low bass extension is actually very similar. I've found the DJ100 much better for vocals, especially female. I love my Dj100 for Jpop like Utada Hikaru.


I think the soundstage of the DJ100 is a bit larger, but some might not agree. Both improve in this area with a good computer DAC, M50 pads and desktop amp.The M50 pads actually fit the DJ100. The M50 to me seems a bit easier to drive, but really does benefit from an amp. The level of detail is pretty similar too. Sound clarity is fairly similar, although the M50 is a bit warmer.


Despite the more forward mids of the DJ100, I do think the DJ100 is slightly more balanced sounding than the M50. The DJ100's treble would be easier on the ears for some. For those that want a little extra bass (or treble) the M50 might be better for them.

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Found my Tony Bennett edition headphones at a store called Tuesday Morning for $50.  Love 'em so far, though after wearing them over a year gaming on my PC, they still feel tight on my head and cause my ears to be sore after wearing for a few hours.  I have a set of Astro A40s that are much more comfortable, but don't sound as crisp as the Koss headphones.

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