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Replace HC500

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Perhaps i am beating a dead horse here but i need an advice.


I currently own Panasonic HC 500 which i love for NC and sound quality.


Mostly i listen to dubstep and some TV/Movies.


No, i don't have dedicated amp, but i do have DD amp instead - sony entry level for my PC (sound via toslink) and mid-level yamaha for TV/Movies.


On PC i use EQ alot for various music.


I got my hc500 at a local store couple of years ago for $80 (what a steal!).


Although sound quality and NC is great (IMHO) the build quality is not:


- i got brocken plastic on both sides, just above the cups (fixed with electrical tape)

- one of the cup cushion has bursted and now i have to deal with foam getting out


I've tried hd598 but they weren't NC and they didn't worked for my PC setup (my PC is a bit noisy with all the fans), so NC is a must.


I've listened to QC15 - NC is awesome (better than hc500), not sure on audio quality.

Dr Dre Pro - are ok but i thought they were a bit muddy on low fq. (Not sure if those are NC though)


Currently i am leaning toward crossfade lp but i am not sure if they have NC anywhere close to hc500.


So i am looking for NC headphones that are comparable or better than HC500.


P.S. i have rather large ears but hd598 were a bit big.


P.P.S My budget is under $300.


Thanks alot.

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So i got crossfades lp.

...... I am not happy.


Lows are not there - i have to amp 30 HZ by at leat 8db to get something.

60 to 120HZ i have to de-amp by 8-10, otherwise sound is muddy and boomy.

Mids have to be de-amped, not by much, though.

Highes (14-18kHz) have to be de-amped by 3-4 db.


Noise isolation is good - i don't hear fans.

Slightly uncomfortable after 2 hours of wearing - my ear is pressing against speaker case (inside), cushions could be taller.


What is this burn in i hear about - how long does it typically takes to "burn in"?


If someone had XB700 or XB500 - how are they compared to crossfades in terms of comfort and sound quality?

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