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V moda Crossfade LP2 or Sennheiser HD 598

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I lost my headphones recently and I thought of getting a new one. There is 2 headphones that come to my mind, the sennheiser HD 598 and the V Moda Cross fade LP2.


I wanna use my headphones for gaming and music.

Sometimes I go out with my headphones and Im scared that the Sennheisers will be too fragile. I have never tried a Crossfade before but I read the reviews that it has quite an amount of bass, is the bass like beats? I really hate beats headphones and I dont want bass like that. I listen to all types of music... Should I wait for the newer m100? Are the m100 over ear headphones? Comfort is really important too :)

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I've never gotten the chance to listen to any V-Moda headphones, but from what you described (comfort, music, and games) the 598s will suit you quite well. The wide and accurate soundstage works excellently for games. Music-wise, I'll copy/paste from my review:


Sennheiser offers a “mid-centric” or vocal-forward presentation coupled with a wide soundstage to put listeners in the middle of the music, starting from the center out. Treble is present, but in line with the bass. Combined with the strong mids, the overall signature is warm and laid back, especially in comparison to Grado models. The 598s are both engaging and relaxing, depending on what the recording calls for. This makes the 598s an excellent all-rounder at the $250 price point.


You should read into the V-Moda line too, though. I have no experience with them, but others do. You can do a search for discussions.

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Check out this thread I started yesterday. May help you a bit. Long story short, I wouldn't recommend the LP2's. But just read what I said :] http://www.head-fi.org/t/620338/stuck-v-moda-m80s-or-pioneer-hdj-1500s#post_8568716

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