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[medical 911] NEED HELP!!! fast pack+move large music collection Palo Alto CA

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First:  Jude, my apologies, would have posted this earlier on head-fi, but with all due respect for your work and one of the finest communities on the web, my only computer is older and not handling the site well.  Please understand, I love head-fi, but too little computer horsepower coupled with neuro issues and too little time....



@ all -- this is a crossposting which I have made a few days ago in the ICEbox section of imwan (public visible) but also over at SH Forums in General/Off-Topic (registration, not public visible).


Copying the first post; if you are in any way possible to help with pack move or storage in a nearby secure and dry location, please read further here on imwan.  There is more info regarding the 25+ year collection size (large - 8-10K CDs, SACds, DVD-As etc.  Please excuse if I missed  imwan or SHF specific mentions, I am simply too wiped out medically, physically and in pretty much every dimension.


In what you read, I no longer have a week, I am down to days.  please understand that I am out of time, and am physically wiped.  Looking for any possible help, assistance, resources, and most importantly safe housing.  I can't yet find any affordable, safe place to live.


with tremendous gratitude,






hello all,

there are a lot of smart and creative musically-addicted people here on head-fi, asking if you might lend a few brain cells on this one

I'm Chuck aka emmodad, located near Palo Alto CA (for locals: behind Stanford close to 280/Alpine/SandHill).

30+ years in digital signal processing, semiconductor industry, audio equipment, digital cellular, have tried over past years on a few sites to post occasionally useful stuff in those realms, and (hopefully) entertaining music anecdotes.


In medical and loss of housing crisis, I need to very fast -- essentially now within days -- try to somehow pack/move/store my life, including if possible a 25+ year music collection, and a bit of audio gear. As "result" of working in early days of digital audio, collection is several thousand CDs, plus several hundred SACDs & DVDs.


Long story few words: past 18 months medical event chain + recent hospitalization + medical costs + recent unexpected short-notice rental termination = bad perfect storm.

All recent stuff within weeks, and I am right now as highest priority desperately looking for any reasonably-local safe lodging I can find. I have current roof over my head for only 5 more days, and no confirmed solution yet.

I am medically physically incapable of dealing with this move, simply know I cannot do it alone; and speaking openly, completely wiped out by medical expenses, so hiring help is tough. Have been packing music into small boxes I can handle, but I am wiped.

A large portion of collection is in wooden wine boxes, as mentioned in a CD storage thread elsewhere ( http://www.stevehoffman.tv/forums/showp ... stcount=35 ).

Have hung on for better part of a year (and annoyed folk on some boards including head-fi with [medical 911] posts trying to sell gear and some music). Trying simultaneously to somehow restart career at age 54. actually have a potential employment meeting today, for which i am struggling desperately to be fit (must sleep now).  But the housing termination was a gutpunch.

Battered and bruised, but not yet down. Still have a few days.


One part of this is indeed emotional, but that can be sacrificed; more pragmatic is to see if I can retain collection if possible so I can sell more deliberately (and monetize to help cover medical costs) in a few months getting back on my feet.

I've investigated collection sale with the obvious Bay Area names, but right now is simply worst time (purchasing activity) - even they have advised that it's wiser to store for a while if I can figure out how.

I know I'll be losing a lot of my life; and I am trying to orchestrate charitable donation of most all furniture; hope not to lose music collection, but if I'm on the street in 5 days and that's what the universe decides, so be it.


I am open to any and all ethical and legal creative solutions re labor / move / dry and safe storage / other ideas including funding.

If you may have any ideas regarding packing / moving / storage; or if you are local and might be able to suggest re assistance / help / resources / storage - I would be supremely grateful.


Thank you all so much for your patience in reading, and for help and ideas. Appreciate karma bumps for this thread, and mentioning to folks.

and as always, tremendous thanks to Linda, SHF and gorts, and Jude and all head-fiers for permitting this post


again, for further, please click over to further info on imwan.  I am simply incapable of keeping multiple threads moving any more.


thank you


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I would suggest you post this on reddit as well maybe other communities.  Hopefully people around your area can lend you a much needed hand.

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Bumping for more visibility.
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I suggest Reddit as well, 




and other subreddits are great places to ask for help!


You can even try 



(some mods here are head fiers as well)


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I'm sorry to hear about your situation. Hopefully redditors will help. Otherwise we could start a collection on head-fi to see if a few people can donate towards renting out a storage space and movers. I'd be glad to paypal something like 10$ to the cause.
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I'd also be willing to paypal a smallish amount towards some sort of pool. I'm too far to be reasonably able to help physically, unfortunately. Maybe someone can set up some sort of Kickstarter-ish thing?


As far as suggestions go, I've never been in a situation like that - sorry. I don't suppose you know anyone who owns a large enough van that you could fit the important stuff in the back and drive around with it?

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thanks to all, have never used (nor i think knew of) reddit...i'm simply too blasted to be starting new threads and other web activity, neuro issues make reading writing difficult.  very gratefully accept donations, my email addr for PP is podaras@batnet.com 


more comment about this over in the publicly-viewable thread on imwan


someone just told me there was a huge swell of assistance for a woman who had been abused as a schoolobus assistant; i have no idea how to organize, could only dream of such support  for the underlying police misconduct situation in my case...


grateful for al thoughtschuck

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tyvm all for thoughts and support

small update -- many interrelated things going on, fighting hard to not melt down... positive: managed to get very short extension (from today to saturday) for getting as as much as possible moved out. otherwise, still no solutions to lodging or actually making move happen. absolutely wiped out, but i refuse to give up until dragged under..

if anyone is local and could assist with any of the above-mentioned issues, greatly appreciated



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managed to get some stuff in storage.  i am wiped. never so physically exhausted in my life, and completely broke.  negotiated a few more days, but end is coming after weekend.  still stuff here if anyone local needs bookcases (lots IKEA Billy, Benno) glassware kitchen stuff tools.  still no lodging, if anyone has local ideas or solutions, desperately appreciated


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simply exhausted, much happening, mix good/bad.... more medical probs, but massive negotiation keeps roof over head few days at at time, might have place to stay in Berkeley starting in a few weeks, still struggling to finish moveout to storage

have made some Craigslist posts over past hours, if you know anyone in Bay Area who might be interested furniture (bookcases, wardrobes, CD/DVD storage, more):

http://sfbay.craigslist.org/pen/fuo/3211090192.html (Linda, know any libraries out here need these 40+ bookcases?)

ty all for thoughts


current favorite newly-discovered quotation:

When it is darkest, you can see the stars.

(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

(which happen to also be the names of my departed pets:  cats Ralph and Waldo, and beloved hound Emerson - hanging/strangulation attack on whom by a municipal employee was begin of the string of police/prosecutorial misconduct issues I've had to fight for now 8 years.... as some of my attorneys, as well as a Deputy Solicitor General of the US, have noted: Emerson is quite possibly the only dog who has figured prominently in a Civil Rights case reaching and addressed by the United States Supreme Court...)

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