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Pioneer HDJ 2000 vs Philips Fidelio L1

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Could any one offer any opinions on either the Pioneer HDJ 2000 or the Philips Fidelio L1? Which one of these do you think will be a better purchase. Im looking to purchase my first "high end" headphones and any direction would be great. 


- I am looking to use these as portable casual listening cans, on the go (in the subway, on campus, etc).

- My main genres are Post Hardcore (A Day to Remember, The Used) and Trance (Dash Berlin, Skrillex). I do listen to a lot of reggae, hiphop, and alternative (Coldplay) as well.

- My source is my iPhone with 256kbps or above quality (some Lossless AAC)

- I am not a basshead, and hate boomy overblown bass.

- I really prefer a nice clean and clear sound with a spacious soundstage. (My favorite earbuds are my yamaha eph100s which are light on the bass but incredibly clear). 

- I like the music to be very engaging and euphoric (just like my eph100s)


I recently purchased the ATH M50s and the Ultrasone 780s and just couldnt stand the lack of soundstage on the ATHM50s and and the muddiness of the Ultrasones. Thanks in advance for any help!

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The HDJ-2000 is a very good headphone, as is the Fidelio L1.  I own the 2000 and love it, and have never heard the L1 but know it is popular.  The 2000 is extremely rugged, as one reviewer put it, it's "built like a tank."  It is war and "forward" sounding but not really bass-y like audio technicas or something.  I like them a lot- I have the bllack ones, the hdj-2000-k.  They fold up smaller than the L1 and are probably tougher.  They definately have better isolation than the L1, but the isolation is not great.  You might want to check out some other sealed cans, like the k550, or V-Modas, if isolation is important.  However, the 2000s are very comfortable, they sound great, and you could run them over with a semi and they'd be unblemished.  Hope that helps!

Oh and by the way, they are easily driven by an iPhone/iPod, so ignore the morons who claim they require an amp.  Also, they sound good in all genres and great in some.  They sound great, IMHO, in blues, rap, hip hop, R&B, piano, classical, and acoustic guitar, good in rock and roll, all right in jazz, and good or great in pretty much everything else.

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Would you say they are great for vocal trance music??

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+1 for L1

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If you can afford an amp, go with the HDJ2000.

If you can't afford an amp, the L1 is way to go. In addition, the mic mine become handful.

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