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On ear headphones for iPod.

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Hi guys. I'm new here and have stupid and trivial question: I've got an iPod touch 4 and I need a headphones with real nice sound (for the price <$150) and iPod remote control. I'm not going to pay just for brand like Bose etc. I'm sure everybody here is more experienced than me so I'm waiting for responses. My music is sometimes something like "Justice", may be something not heavy like 'Arctic monkeys', sometimes it's acoustic music and sometimes it's heavy metal. So it's a wide range. I think I need something universal. I was considering klipsch image one.
Thx in advance and sorry for my ugly English.
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I would post that here instead: http://www.head-fi.org/f/103/portable-headphones-earphones-and-in-ear-monitors

You should get many more responses there.


I'm having trouble coming up with a single headphone with iPod control. If you could do without that feature, it would really open up your selection.

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Actually, what about Grado SR60i?
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Ok. I can stand it but I would Prefere the remote control.
So what variants can you propose?
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Do you need isolation? Open backed headphones like the SR60i will let all of the sound around you in, and other people around you will be able to hear your music.

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Yes, I need it. Most time I'll listen to the music in public transport and while walking.
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Okay, then the Grados are definitely not an option. My usual recommendation for closed cans under $150 is the Ultrasone HFI-580. Those are very bassy cans, so if you're not a fan of big bass check out the Shure SRH840, which don't have as aggressive a sound. If you want some really mellow cans the Brainwavz HM5 are more for you. Most of the time I find the latter too boring for my music, though. The Ultrasones, IMO are just perfect for Justice and metal, and they really make acoustic guitars shine.

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I think I remember Klipsch reference one having ipod controls, altho I haven't heard it, so I can't say if it'd suit you musically.

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Ok. Is impedance 32ohms fine for iPod? My last headphones (which I still have) are koss portapro. And they have 16ohms impedance. So im afraid I'll have lack of volume with 32 ohms? Or not? I'm considering ultrasone now.
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I have driven them with a iPod without any problems.

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And what can you say about klipsch image(reference) one?
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I have to choose between klipsch image one, Audio Technica ATH- M150s and Ultrasone HFI-580. Help me, please.
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I have never heard of this ATH-M150. Might you mean the M50?

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Can't comment much if u need the iPod remote control ... 


But...just check these out:



Phillips Uptown - something new...apparently an M50 killer


V-MODA M-80 (stretch, but worth every penny)


Ultrasones - just check comfort before buying

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V-MODA M-80 or AKG K181DJ (K181 isolates more if that is something to consider). I think you'd be happy with either one of these.

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