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Hd558 portable cable

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Anyone know where I could buy an affordable replacement cable for my hd558's? I'm looking for something much more portable with preferably an angle 3.5 mm jack, around 6' long. I really like the cord and jack on the meelectronics m6. Under $40 would be awesome. Any suggestions?
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Easiest thing would be to reterminate the stock cable: cut it to the length that you want, add a 3.5mm plug, and add a female 3.5mm jack to the leftover cable to turn it into an extension cord in case you need the extra length.

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Thanks, I was really hoping to preserve the stock cable... I'll be doing some research on it and post anything I find for others.
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Currently there is no 3.5mm cable connection on the Sennheiser headphone cables for the HD558/HD598, just 6.35mm (1/4").

Rumor was that Sennheiser might come out with the 3.5mm connector cable, try emailing them.

Or buy a current Sennheiser headphone cable and splice in a 3.5mm connector yourself (got a soldering gun?).

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Oh ok thanks. Has anyone custom made one? I really don't have the skills or tools to do it myself I don't think... Plus I really want a thinner cable than the stock one.
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Thanks for the input guys. I did some research and it looks like making a new cable for these is a real pain, so I'll probably just mod the stock cable. Thanks:)

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Splicing is the way.

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Originally Posted by scootermafia View Post

Splicing is the way.

For under $40, most certainly DIY.
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I have found a cheap simple way or get 3.5mm plug and terminated to any length.

All you do is add into the shopping basket both the replacement cable for the hd558 and the custom option, specify length and pay. £12.50 for this seemed ok. I will get my cable next week. Happy now, as the included cable is crazy long and the adapter to 3.5mm is a nonsense with these cans.
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