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Experience related to my search for Bass setup.


HFI-580 (Good with any option DAC)

HFI-780 (Not for Basshead)

Beyer DT 770 (80-OHM) (Best all-rounder)

Crossfade LP (Muddy, Bass is there, but XB500 sounds better and is half the price)

Sony XB500  (No match for bass by any current headset offered) (Every Basshead should own a pair)

Pro700MKII  (Good with any option DAC)

Shure 750DJ (similar to Dt770, good if EQ it to bring out the best bass)


Fiio E11

Fiio E17

HRT Musicstreamer II

Asus Xonar USB 

Fiio E6




Of all of these, I would say just for simple BOOM factor (sound quality be damned,) The XB500 with the E17 will satisfy any Basshead. If you want the best BOOM quality, the Beyer Dt770 with the Asus Xonar USB would be a good choice, I say Xonar because you can EQ it quite a bit in any direction. 




DISCLAIMER: Anything I say can be taken with a grain of salt, because sound is based on personal preference. Plus, I'm a Dumbass.

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Sorry, double post. Told you I'm a dumbass!

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Dude, there are better choices, honestly, i have the Denon AH-D1100, now that is what gives thumping but accurate bass extension and yet the mids and highs still come through nice and crisp. But also if you love bass then the Audio-Technica ATH-M50 has nice punchy bass with some deepness but not as deep as the Denin AH-D1100, so between those two you'll be sorted, really.


I don't know why your so fixed on the Ultrasones and the V-Modas but i have heard all of them, and the 780's are not that bass heavy, the Utrasone 580's have a classic punchy bass but not very deep, the 780's don't have the same bass as the 580's. I moved on beyond bass for more accuracy so i am selling my M50's and Denon 1100's both are in perfect nick, not a scratch on them, honestly, i've only had the Audio Technicas one week, if you want to buy either of these off me it will be cheaper for you and you'll get your bass; like i said the only reason i'm selling them is because my tastes have changed, i'll be putting them up for sale in the Buy/Trade section here on Head-Fi so you can take a look. bass bass bass, but not boomy, just pro bass deep and extended and tight as hell while the midrange and treble still come through with clarity on the Denons.


I just bought the FiiO E12 amp to replace my E11, believe me man the E12 is the real deal and very nicely priced $129, can't go wrong, it can drive anything.

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