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I'm coming from the DT 990 Pro, however I'm looking for a new pair of headphones as the cabling inside the earcup has gone on it. Time to research an upgrade again.


So yeah looking for a headphone that looks like it could survive doomsday (ie more metal less plastic) with a detachable cable (with manufacturer still selling spare sets of cable) and also from sonic signature I'm not necessarily looking for anything that sounds just like the DT 990 Pro but I do want something that's as up front with it at least and sounds open. 


I would opt for the Denon D2000 as I've heard this on display in the high street and to my ears it sounds similar to DT 990 Pro in terms of openness and it's uber comfy (forgot that, looking for this too) but the 1 issue I have with it is that it's not got detachable cables.


So any suggestions ? I'm thinking something in the AKG or Audio-Technica line might provide me with something but looking for some more input. 


Budget around £200 max.



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