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For Sale:
Bellari HA540 + Tubes

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I am selling a Bellari HA540 headphone amp that is in excellent working and cosmetic condition. What may look like scratches on the amp is really lint; there are no scratches or marks.


Included are the stock tube plus: (1) JJ ECC803S Gold Pin 12AX7; (2) Mullard 12AX7; and (3) Tung Sol Gold Pin 12AX7.  The JJ and Mullards were purchased from the Tube Depot and selected for low noise and microphonics; the Tung Sol came from Cryoset and has had the "cryogenic treatment" although I don't know if that really makes any difference in the sound.


The amp itself has been used about 50-75 hours and the tubes have varying times with the Mullard having the most usage, followed by the JJ, the Tung Sol and then the stock tube.


Reason for selling: I don't use headphones that much and have decided to just use the headphone output on a pre/pro I am planning on buying, instead.


I have the original packaging. Price includes shipping to the lower 48 via UPS ground, and PayPal fees.  If you are interested or have questions, please send a PM.  Thank you!







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