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I have a brand new Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus connected to a pair of existing Fostex PM 2 MK II's.

As the Fostex speaker inputs are 1/4" TRS, I am using a pair of unbalanced RCA to 1/4" TRS cables to connect them to the DAC.

When I play anything through the DAC however, the audio output is exceptionally tinny. It sounds like the speakers are missing a whole portion of the soundscape.

The speakers have their own amplifiers built in to them as mentioned here:

Technical specifications for the DAC:

I've used them before with other audio interfaces and they work great.

Does anyone know why I would be getting such poor quality sound out of them? I'm fairly sure I don't need a separate amplifier for the DAC if the speakers have their own. Is the RCA to 1/4" TRS cable an acceptable method for input to my speakers?

I've tried using USB 2.0 audio and the TOSLINK inputs to the DAC and get the same results.. I'm stuck!

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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